BhagyaLakshmi Written Update

Zee TV serial "BhagyaLakshmi" is a popular show on the Indian television. This drama is set in a marriage where Bhagya Lakshmi is married to Rishi. In this episode, Bhagya breaks the marriage in front of Mata Rani. She tells the sisters that she had broken her engagement with the prince and has been having an affair with Shalu Rishi. Then, she breaks the mangalsutra and shocks Rano and the sisters.

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The latest episode of BhagyaLakshmei will be airing on May 27, 2021. The episode will feature a twist that will make you want to watch it again. Amrita meets with her in-laws at the temple. She is shocked to learn that her in-laws are angry at her for having married her. Ezhil asks her why she's worried about her in-laws.

As BhagyaLakshmei feels foolish for believing Rishi, she blames her in-laws and tries to convince her that she'll never do that to them. But Amrita says she's sorry for being so stupid and is blames herself for her fate. She asks Ezhil why she is still worried about her in-laws BhagyaLakshmi Written Update.

Amrita tells Ezhil that she can do what she wants. He praises her audacity and says she'll live like she wants. The two fall in love and live happily ever after. They become friends, and Virendra's in-laws can't stop him from marrying his wife. This makes the love between them stronger, and it is the only reason for their marriage.

The next episode of the Hindu-Muslim serial BhagyaLakshMi will air on May 27. In this episode, Amrita tells Ezhil that she can't do what she wants. He blames herself for everything and asks her to leave her husband. He's a bad influence on his wife and the other way around.

The episode opens with the 'Baagya Lakshmi' wedding rituals. Virender and Amrita are reunited with a happy family and celebrate the wedding. But before the wedding, Ezhil and Ayush are confused and the two fight. The priest tells Amrita that he's sorry but wants to marry his daughter.