A New Ranking System Will Be Integrated Into Rocket League

You might have noticed that in the Rocket League news posts and other media there are discussions about new positions. But what are these rankings? What makes them important? How can they help me play my part better at the match? These are a few of the questions which you might be asking if you're considering enjoying the game. Read on to find out more.

Rocket League Ranks


First, let us discuss how Rocket League functions. The rankings are a method for players to indicate where they stand in the in-game ladder. All these are a number that gamers make through winning matches or through collecting particular decorations. The in-game positions are updated once a week, usually on Wednesdays at 8am Pacific/ Mondays at 8am Pacific. As of right now, the newest rankings are available here rocket league ranking system.


Second, let's discuss how the in-game ranks work and why we care. We adore the rankings because it gives us a sense of pride that we can not really get anyplace else. To begin with, having a good positioning means we're among the top players in our particular game, and that's always a good feeling. Beyond thiswe know that we are improving our match - that we are growing in skill - and we all like the process.


Third, we want to allow you to know that we are implementing a new system moving into the upcoming patch which will allow players to go into the in-game lobbies and earn cash and rewards for their efforts by speaking other users to the newly established in-game social networking website, called"Rocket League". This is a true attempt to expand the player base for our very favorite sport, and we're excited about seeing what the social community has to offer. The old way of doing things would be to rely on the old lottery systems. So as you might recall, the in-game lobbies were free-to-play, but the lotto systems weren't doing a very good job of promoting these matches.


We are employing a new ranking system that works much like the present ranks, but we are going to take it a step further by providing our competitive players more ways to improve their gameplay. We recognize that there are many ways to boost your gameplay, and we have put together numerous approaches to achieve that. For instance, our newest SR ranking system will provide you two exceptional rankings - the silver and bronze positions. The bronze rank is similar to our present SR system, in which you only need to create an account and log in to begin playing.


The silver rank is somewhat more involved, but still fairly easy. Just like the bronze players, you just have to make an account and log in to start playingwith. When you get to the silver rank, you can begin earning the greatest SR values and earning the most gold! Whether you're among those bronze players or among our high level diamond players, then we encourage you to present our new SR attribute a try, as it could make your gaming lifestyle much better.