A Unique Football City

The name Football City may bring to mind a small town in the Midwest, but this is not so. In fact it is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Football City was the home of professional American football teams since its beginnings in 1933. Today it is one of the most popular places for NFL fans to visit. The die hard fans descend from a long line of football players, which started at the University of North Carolina.


RALLY - In the faded beige factory shed on the far corner of South Confederate Avenue, trainers Perry Sutton and Bill Kennedy outfit the second generation of Football City, USA, in training. It s an austere August day in Rock Hill, a small South Carolina town of around 70,000 folks, who have a penchant for making famous football players. A few football fans are dressed in their Sunday best, as they make their way to the Training Center, where the new wave of South Carolina State athletes are getting ready to face off against the athletes from a rival school. The visiting team wears blue and white striped socks, matching the color scheme of the rest of the field, except for one special player whose socks are red. This special player is officially named "College Fanatic," and has his own T-shirt, which is being worn by the starting quarterback.


As the opposing teams prepare for battle, the crowd becomes quite rowdy. But there is no cheering allowed inside the gates. So what is all the commotion about? As the opposing coach prepares his players for battle, one can only hope says Coach Poole. He is one of the long-standing coaches of the Football City franchise and is known for always having a tough team ready to play.


For many years Coach Poole has had a large group of dedicated and talented athletes hone their skills at The Football City. The recruits are sent here from all over the United States and many from Australia and other countries as well. But it is the United States that is the primary base of the very exclusive Football City. The United States military has even sent some of its fighter planes over to help the team win the championships, but no one really knows what exactly is going on over there Agen Judi Bola.


Some believe this is because of all the money being sent there each year, but no one really knows for sure. Others say the facility simply attracts some of the best talent in the nation. Some people have said the Watson High School football team is the cream of the crop in the area. If true, then this place must be doing something right. Some say this is just a marketing operation, and that The Football City is just another venue used by Southerners to show off their southern flavor to the rest of the nation.


Many people in the football world claim that The Football City in south Carolina is nothing more than a marketing scheme used by Southerners to attract people from other southern states. It could be true, or it may just be another high school football team that gets lucky each year. Either way, it appears that the US Military has put this facility on their top priority list. Whether the US military is helping fund the beautiful facilities or just making sure they have some nice high school teams to play against in the region is anyone's guess. Either way, the visit of teams like the Bulldogs and Cards is sure to be a hit.