Banni Chow Home Delivery Gossip

Star Plus' new series, Banni Chow Home Delivery The show is a love-story that focuses on women empowerment. The producers of the show have released the promotional for their new show. The show teased viewers with hints about the ways Bunny, Neel and the new characters will run an online food delivery service. While many of the characters are young and single, the story will focus on the difficulties of women and their relationships with their partners.

Banni begins the episode by shaming Manini for coming into the house as a delivery girl. Banni is disgusted by this and tells her sister that she must change her clothes. Viraj advises Niyati to go get the balloons, sweets, and other items and give them to the children who play Niyati. Banni is horrified by Manini's remarks.

In the next episode of BCHD, Yuvan offers to take care of Banni, while Yuvan gives him a floral bath. Yuvan is able to ask Yuvan to take care of her, but he falls into her and says she doesn't regret bumping into her. In the show, Banni confronts Manini, and she claims that she's doing it to please Yuvan. She says it's a great chance to impress Yuvan.

In the meantime, Banni Chow Home Delivery is also becoming a very fascinating serial. While the relationship between Yuvan and Niyati is on the verge of breaking up, a plot twist that is certain to be intriguing will be revealed in coming episodes. The sexy love scenes will surely entertain viewers. The show will be loved by viewers Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai upcoming twist.

Ulka Gupta is playing the role of Banni in the new show. The character is an average-income woman who is committed to helping others and is eager to help. Nisha Madhulika, a well-known chef, is teaching her how to cook. Pravisht Mishra, the brother of actor Aamir Khan, will be playing a mentally challenged young boy. Another intriguing character in the show will be Rajendra Chawla's character, Manini.

In the previous episode Banni was preparing food for Yuvan and Niyati's dinner. He is unsure if Banni is her fiance, but he has been told that Banni is Pari. Niyati believes that Banni is Pari. Charmi is determined to ensure that Yuvan is eating a complete meal. Yuvan is content with the whole experience. However, Banni refuses to let the situation go.