Porn Jam - A First Time Viewer's Inspection

First off, what is Porn Jam? It is a filmography that follows two guys since they make love to another. The storyline is that they're friends and break up when the women in their lives become bored together. After dividing, the women opt to test out a brand new sexual experimentally which contributes to them deciding to execute together.


The storyline of Porn Jam isn't overly heavy or gory, but it is very entertaining to those who'd want to see porn with just a little bit more excitement. In the start of the film, the couple are at a party and take part in a sex game where one person scratches another using a finger. Then they proceed to perform many different sexually stimulating acts in exchange for another men"finger" During the movie, the characters discuss various topics like faith, politics, and sexuality. Some of the scenes even deal with marital issues.


The first couple of moments of this film are really boring, as there is very little acting and there simply isn't much content. Eventually, the sex scenes become more interesting and even amusing. Finally they take a turn for the explicit, which is appropriate given the subject matter. All in all, the first part may not have been the very interesting, however it was definitely worth a watch since it's the first real attempt at a porn movie vivagals.


Part II is a lot better than the first half of the movie. During the second half, there's some very good, funny material, which makes the film more enjoyable to sit down. It might have been interesting to see how they'd be able to transition into the graphic, explicit scenes without making it too explicit for kids to enjoy.


Porn Jam is Led at Morgan Freeman and produced by Focus Features. It stars Alex Cross, Jamesisselectro, Amy Smart, and Chase Rice. This is an excellent first time viewer's option, as the film provides plenty of education and entertainment in the same time. It will make a great introduction into the area of pornography, as well as providing those who have never tried it a nice change of pace.


I would recommend this film to anybody who hasn't seen a porn movie. In case you have seen them, you'll be able to appreciate this one more. It is not a"pornographic" film, but it does have its moments. It provides a fun and enjoyable introduction to those new to the particular genre of film.