Nima Denzongpa - A New Drama From the Northeast

Colors TV is introducing a new show from the northeast titled Nima Denzongpa. Starring Assamese actress Surabhi Das, this drama will focus on the everyday life of people from the north eastern part of India. The plot follows a middle-class girl, who leaves her home to join a film-star's spot-boy agency in Mumbai. Debutante Surabhi Das will play the role of Nima.

This is the first official teaser for the upcoming show, Nima Denzongpa. A young girl from the northeast of India makes her way to the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai and finds herself thrust in the middle of racial discrimination. The show stars Surabhi Das and Akshay Kelkar. TellyChakkar is also working on the series.

The first promo for the show has already been released. The actress is playing the role of Nima, a secluded mountain girl from Sikkim. This atypical character will face many obstacles, such as racism, which hinders her growth. However, with the help of her friends and colleagues, she overcomes these obstacles to achieve her dreams. The show's debut is bound to be a success, and Colors TV is excited to release it in the near future.

The show is also making waves on YouTube. The show will follow the story of an Assamese girl who decides to move to Mumbai for love. The story follows the struggles of Nima as she makes her way through the toughest challenges in her new home. The characters have unique personalities Nima denzongpa, so it is hard to predict who will be successful and who will fail. The drama is expected to hit the big screen in January, 2019.

After the serial is released, the show will feature challenges that the main character faces in Mumbai. In the meantime, Nima will live with her three daughters. The story will also showcase the relationship between Nima and her love interest. Hence, it is important to note that Nima's relationship with Suresh will be long and lasting. As her love life progresses, she will begin to live a fulfilling life with her new love.

The serial will have some of the most empowering moments in the history of Sikkim. While Suresh Mane is a popular actor in Bollywood, Nima's love for her family will be the main focus of the drama. Despite the challenges, her love life is still strong, and her mother will always be there to support her daughter. The film will be a rousing drama that will make you laugh and cry.

The upcoming third season of Nima Denzongpa will feature her third pregnancy and her first in-laws. This will also be a very emotional episode as the main character's mother-in-law is still ill-treating her. Meanwhile, Suresh's lover, Sushmita, is a beautiful woman who will add a lot of spice to the show.