Ishq Mein Marjawan (streaming)

My first opinion of Ishq Mein Marjawan, one of the most popular Bollywood films ever was that it was destined to be a super hit. I can not pinpoint exactly what led me to this conclusion. But the principal thing that lead me to this view, was that the way in which the film was promoted and released. The movie posters and billboards that I saw during my travels around India, gave me the feeling that this film would be a box office hit. And judging by the response that I got from theater owners once I mentioned the movie on them, I was not too much off.


The advertising campaign for the film was nothing short of fantastic. Coming right after the launch of Jodha Akbar's Mankatha, the movie has been given a new look, with a new narrative, a brand new plot and a whole new cast. And before anyone had a chance to catch up to the pace of the movie, a completely different set of fans came hurrying to theaters to get tickets. The hype was there since the launch of the movie itself but the level of fanfare and ads kicked things up a notch. From the film billboards and posters I saw during my journeys, to the most recent film magazines and websites which I came around, there was a lot of passion for the film that I couldn't resist looking out.


What I found intriguing about the manner in which the film was marketed was the complete lack of heavy themes or content. Most Bollywood films have some amount of moral messages and content that are supposed to communicate with this viewers. This is what makes a film a hit. A film can only get to the pinnacle of achievement when it carries an underlying message which stays with you long after the movie has ended.


So, what exactly did the makers of the film leave you with after viewing the movie? That is an even more pertinent question to ask when you are speaking about a movie as great as Ilsabah. The movie doesn't try to force you to think. There is not a characterologue or a monologue that tries to impart wisdom or enlightenment to its audience. There isn't even a symptom of a message buried somewhere deep within the film's script that may possibly be taken upon by future generations.


What the film does best is to tell its story and leave you hanging when it comes to the resolution of the events which unfold. The film does not pander to its audience in any way. It tells the story just like it is: an Indian story. It doesn't attempt to convert its viewers in to Hindus or Muslims or perhaps Americans or Brits, it simply deals with the current and provides them a very simple truth they can understand and enjoy Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Latest Gossip.


One of the most appealing things about the movie is the way that shots are executed. Viewers do not have to check in the lens of a camera to enjoy the work of a filmmaker. The images are clear and powerful and conveyed in a way that leaves no space for interpretation. What is more, the fashion of the movie is distinctive and refreshing, leaving viewers interested in what the movie has to offer.