Popular TV Serials in India

Whether you are looking for an entertaining, family-oriented, romantic or drama serial, Indian TV serials are a great choice. They are long-running, and have a large dedicated fan base. They are also a good way to convey social messages. They can also teach people about Indian culture and its language. They often feature plot twists that put characters through traumatic situations.

In the '80s, serials like Buniyaad, Nukkad and Mahabharata were extremely popular. TV shows such as Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Patiala Babes, and Sherlock Holmes also gained popularity. Many of these shows featured talented actors from Bollywood and theatre. They also included storylines with important societal issues.

Family drama serials are among the most popular in India. They are a popular option for Indian women who like light entertainment. They often involve marriages or the sacrifice of love. They also often focus on important societal issues such as child abuse and domestic violence. Some serials are also about mental health. These shows provide viewers with information on these issues, and have the potential to influence viewer attitudes about these issues.

Television serials can be melodramatic, historical, romantic, family, or slapstick. They can also involve important societal issues, such as gender equality and mental health. Some shows have several seasons, and are often based on short stories by famous writers. The storyline of each serial is similar, but each series has a different cast and different characters.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehata Hai is a very popular show on Star Plus. The show is based on the lives of Abhimanyu Birla, Akshara, and Arohi. It is also a very popular daily soap on Star Plus. The show has a new cast this season, and it has gained a lot of popularity. It has been rated as the second most popular TV show in India by The Financial Express.

TV serials are an important part of Indian households. They have been popular for many years, and are becoming more popular in rural areas as well. They have an extensive fan base, and many viewers find them an essential part of their daily life. They often have many seasons, and can last for years. They can help teach viewers about important issues and Indian culture. They can also teach people how to read and write in Hindi. They can also teach people about societal issues, such as child abuse, domestic violence, and gender equality Kundali Bhagya gossip.

Family comedy shows are also a popular genre on Indian television. They often include characters who are married to each other, and their relationship is a central plot point of the show. They are also popular with the young population. They are fun to watch, and can provide information about mental health and Indian culture.

Another popular family drama series is "Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar." This serial has a large star cast and is based on a divorced couple's life. The show also has an X-factor. The series has been aired by Star Plus, and it is currently the number one family drama on Indian television.