Shipping From China To Us - Basics Of Ship Shipping

Standard ways of shipping from China to Us is by air and by sea. These are the two ways that are commonly used for shipment. Standard shipping rates are often computed for air shipments. Air shipping rates vary according to the service offered by the courier company. For instance, there is a specific rate for ocean shipping and another for international courier shipping.


Standard methods of shipping from China to Us are the most economical option for small items such as paper goods. In fact, over the next decade, there are more than 105 billion parcels sent every year. China Post provides services for larger parcels.


There are several different shipping methods available to China residents looking to ship to the US. The most common way is by air. There are two main types of express shipping - air freight and ocean freight. Ocean freight takes several days longer to arrive than air freight. This is because ocean cargo has to navigate the waters between continents shipping from china to us


Express shipping from china to the US by air takes advantage of the existing global air traffic. Air freight charges are based on the weight and size of the package. Ocean freight is the fastest way to get a package to its destination. However, it is also the priciest. Most international courier companies offer either regular ocean freight or express air express.


Some people prefer shipping from china to the US by sea. This can be done through a cargo service provider or by contacting a specialised importer. Most of these importers have contacts with shipping services based in the United States. However, some may need to source their cargo directly from China. This requires contacts with Chinese shipping companies.


A popular method for shipping goods from China to the US is through the use of "third party" warehousing companies. These companies organise the handling, packing and shipment of the cargo by the client. They ensure that all the necessary documentation is gathered before the shipment is cleared by the US Department of Transportation. These companies charge an additional fee for this service, but it comes with greater peace of mind for the exporter as they know that their goods will be handled safely and appropriately by someone who is familiar with the process. They can then allocate funds to cover the cost of clearing the cargo.