Character as a Source of Inspiration with regard to Writing Child Stories

Character can be a rich source of motivation for writing a child guide. Here are 7 ways that you are able to tap into nature to uncover materials for your children's stories as well as unleash your creativity. To find about Songsofvasistha, click here

#1: Flora, Fauna and...

This really is obvious, but you can use creatures, or even plants, mountains, gemstones, rivers, etc . as figures in your story. They will oftimes be anthropomorphic, having the characteristics associated with humans. For example , a water that becomes angry as well as turns into raging rapids. You may use nature in this way to help you see things from a various perspective.

For example , you could make-up a story about the animal empire (e. g. an ish colony). You might imagine actually would be like to become a good ant and see the world as a result perspective. Nature may also contact form the setting for your tale. Just remember to describe only elaborate necessary to move your tale forward and convey your own message. Don't get bogged straight down in lengthy descriptions.

#2: The Four Seasons

Not really the musical group however the four seasons of winter season, spring, summer and drop. These could be an integral part of your own story, not just the backdrop into it. The fable of the ish and the grasshopper is a good sort of how the seasons can launch a story forward and be the metaphor, too. A beautiful sort of how you can use the seasons because both a metaphor along with a setting is the Korean movie "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter season, and Spring Again".

#3: Cycles

More than just the 4 seasons, nature is full of periods: life and death; recovery; pregnancy and birth; growth; etc . A common theme in numerous children's stories is the growth or growth of the leading part. The hero or heroine of the story overcomes hurdles and becomes stronger or even more mature in the process.

#4: The sun and rain

Did you know that each element features a concept associated with it? Air flow = Thought, Fire sama dengan Desire, Water = Feelings, Earth = Stability. Within Chinese philosophy, the elements will also be linked to parts of the body. This gives a person three dimensions to play about with: elements, concepts as well as parts of the body.

The elements themselves might be anthropomorphic reflections of the various concepts and their interplay is actually a metaphor for human being's difficulties in finding balance among thought and emotion, wish and stability, etc .

#5: Astronomy

The universe or even astronomy (sun, moon, exoplanets, stars, etc . ) can be another possible source of inspiration. The actual planets can be anthropomorphic figures or can be manipulated through the characters. Characters that adjust the planets represent a composition often found in mythology as well as modern-day stories such as "Papa, Please Get the Moon with regard to Me"

#6: Nature's Designs

As we all know, nature is very complicated, yet elegantly simple simultaneously. Natural dynamics such as development and propagation could be a fascinating element in your stories. You can, for example , explore how a beast has evolved over time (this is actually a good sci-fi story).

Upon another level, there are also small truisms in nature. Keep in mind when the giant sea huge threatening to devour often the Jedi Knights in one of the Movie star Wars films gets contained whole by an even much larger monster? Qui-Gon Jinn, often the Jedi, then says wryly: "there's always a bigger bass. "

#7: Study in addition to Absorb Nature

If you want to be inspired, try just relaxing somewhere in nature in addition to observing it in all its natural splendor. You may discover interesting (anthropomorphic) behaviors or larger behaviour. You will also become more relaxed when you're relaxed it's quicker to be creative.


These are definitely just a few ways you can get prompted by nature to make up little one stories. I'm sure you'll visualize more. I think nature is especially interesting as a source of enthusiasm because it is awesome and potent, neutral (with "pure nature" there is no good or undesirable per se), beautiful and ideal. It's pretty hard to improve nature.