A number of Interesting Suggestions For A Weekend break Getaway From Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is a holy city within Tamil Nadu where several pilgrimage sites are located transporting great religious significance. This particular place is frequented through pilgrims throughout the year and it retains a lot of Hindu mythological importance as Lord Rama experienced built a bridge in order to Sri Lanka from this location. One jyotirlinga is also present in this place for which several pilgrims visit to make their own offerings and perform spiritual rites. Numerous temples could be spotted in this city wherever sacred idols of deities are installed. One can actually check out various religious shrines in order to make their offerings as well as prayers to holy deities. Other than this, some well-known locations are situated about Rameshwaram, which one can check out by making a short pleasure journey. Here’s providing some advantageous information regarding Weekend escape from Rameshwaram. To know about om brahmane namah mantra benefits, click here

Madurai is only one such popular place situated around Rameshwaram at a distance of approximately 170 km, which additionally holds a lot of pilgrimage significance. While on a trip to this location, you must visit some well-known attractions which carry excellent historical, religious and visual importance. Gandhi Museum is only one such historical attraction, that was constructed in memory associated with beloved Gandhiji. Vaigai Atteinte, constructed on river Vaigai, which provides water for consuming as well as irrigation purposes in this area, is another place to visit. Besides this, you can visit various wats or temples including Meenakshi Amman, Tirupparankundram Murugan, Koodal Azhagar, and so on

You can also plan a short weekend break trip to Munnar, which is a gorgeous hill station with some wonderful views of its higher mountain peaks, lush eco-friendly forest cover, striking waterfalls, breathtaking valleys as well as little streams. This place is very famous for its tea farms and is also a favorite honeymoon location. Other than this, varied types of flora and fauna are found in its woods in addition to numerous bird kinds. This is also a popular destination for you to indulge in some adventure simply mountaineering, trekking, boating trips, etc .

Thirunallar is one involving nearest places around Rameshwaram, located at a distance of about 95 km. Popular attractions with this town include Saneeswarana, Shri Darabanayeswarar and Badrakaliyammana temples or wats. Karaikudi, located at a distance around 140 km is another solution for a weekend getaway via Rameshwaram. You can visit some famous Karaikudi attractions carrying wonderful religious significance including Kannudayahayagi, Kuppudai Ammana and Meenakshi Sundareshwarar temples as well as Chettinad Palace which has a lot of famous importance attached to it.

Thiruchendur is another popular option for the weekend getaway from Rameshwaram. This is a small town found at a distance of about 210 kilometer from Rameshwaram, which is quite known for its temples and other destinations. Some temples which you have to visit while on a trip to this kind of town include religious shrine of Thiruchendur Murugan, Panchalamkurichi fortress, Dattatreya Cave, and so forth So , there are indeed quite a few exotic places to visit around Rameshwaram.