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Taveuni Hands, Fiji:

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The Taveuni Palms in Fiji is an intimate retreat offering two private guest houses, a secluded sandy beach, and a freshwater swimming pool. This island has many spectacular things to present, such as scuba diving, kayaking, playing ball, hiking, and many other vacation pursuits.

Taveuni Island is known for its unique and colorful sea life, tropical seafood, and varieties of tender and hard coral. Typically, the Rainbow Reef, Great Bright Wall, Purple Wall, and Zoo dive sites are within easy reach of the Taveuni resort.

The Great White Wall membrane reef offers a tunnel using two exits, one at 33 feet and another at 88 feet. If you swim through it, you'll see a white glow that is certainly given off by the tender corals that seem to be around you.

You'll also find a pair of dive centers that are short minutes from Taveuni Palms, whicoffering you dive equipment and certified diving instructors. So, from beginners to expert technical scuba divers, you can have a lot of fun scuba diving on your beach vacation.

Rooms and suites The two separate boat villas at Taveuni Hands in Fiji come with their own staff to help make your holiday a bit more relaxing. In addition, the team can make your dreams come true because they offer full-room assistance.

Each villa provides a pool, two bedrooms, a completely equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, and a unique indoor/outdoor bathroom. The outdoor terrace is equipped with chairs so that you can spend some time outside, taking in surrounding ocean views. The spectacular sunsets will become tropical nights - along with stunning starlit skies.

Your maid at the villa provides you with daily cleaning service, washing service, fresh flowers, and evening turn-down. The service personnel here are very professional, creating your stay at the Taveuni Hands in Fiji, one you will remember for years to come.

The actual resort will also provide you with your private chef, kitchen, and bar staff, who will offer your daily meals within the cost of your stay. This way, a person eats out - the food will be prepared for him in the resort.

Traveling and Getting for you to Taveuni. To get to Taveuni Arms, fly to Nadi Airport terminal in Fiji. From there, find a connecting flight to Taveuni Island, where the Taveuni Palms staff will satisfy you at the airport, a few minutes from the hotel.

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