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Indian fashion is a treasure trove of rich garments and beautiful textiles. The kinds of beautiful clothes worn in India cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There is a tremendous amount of variety to choose from, but perhaps the single most iconic Indian garment is the silk saree. This is a garment that is uniquely placed in the ethnic and international market. On the one hand, it is one of the most traditional outfits in India. Many of the most beautiful regional varieties have been produced for many centuries and are steeped in royal associations. On the other hand, these sarees are also associated with a very classy and elegant aesthetic and have become an international hit because of the effortless way in which they combine traditional techniques with gorgeous designs. Thus, they appeal to women of all ages and differing fashion sensibilities. They are commonly seen at traditional Indian weddings as well as high end parties or even red carpets.  sari clothing store

The traditionalists and textile enthusiasts always go for pure silk sarees over any other variety. As the name suggests, these are garments woven using only pure silk. Even within this category there are many different varieties to choose from. The type of silk can vary from Tussar and Eri to Dupioni and Jacquard, each of which have a different aesthetic and look. The style of weaving will differ from place to place as artisans from each state or region usually have a unique method they use to make silk sarees. For instance, Mysore sarees are produced in and around Mysore and are famed throughout the world for their elegant and exquisite look. These are some of the finest sarees in the country and are widely coveted for their colorful, lustrous look and intricate designs. Another trendy garment from the neighboring state, the Kanjeevaram saree, is much richer and opulent in its look but the Mysore saree is often preferred because it is much more versatile and affordable despite having a fine look. It is not just south India where popular silk garments can be found; other areas like Varanasi, Patola, Surat and Maharashtra are also known for their lovely pure silk sarees.

Nowadays, getting hold of these beautiful regional garments is not at all difficult. Women can easily browse any traditional outfits, such as Mysore silk sarees, online and then have their choice delivered right to their doorstep. This increases the customer base for these garments and also provides a great economic impetus to the artisans and weavers of such traditional sarees.

On the other hand, many modern women prefer to wear art silk made with artificially produced silk. These garments have a slightly different aesthetic because of the properties of the artificial fabric. They are much more affordable and usually come with more modern, western designs. Art silk sarees have a slightly stiff drape and muted look which makes them appropriate for low-key parties and office wear as well as weddings and festivals.

An Indian bride leaves no stone unturned in her quest to look splendid from tip to toe on her special day. Whether she is following the ancient tradition of solah shringar (sixteen adornments of a bride) or the modern trend of the 'big fat wedding', bridal attire will be crucial to wedding preparations. This is why the silk saree, known for its luxurious beauty and lush texture, is very popular as bridal wear; it is traditional choice while still being fashionable and gorgeous. However what few people realize is that 'silk' is a huge category in fashion containing many sub-types and varieties and the same goes for silk sarees. Of course, many brides simply pick their look based on their culture and region; for instance, those having a traditional Maharashtrian wedding would stick to Paithani sarees while those in Kerala would go for a Kerala Kasavu. Those with a more cosmopolitan outlook will find a greater variety as they can choose between the gorgeous bridal outfits made in different states of India. These are some of the most popular varieties:

Banarasi Silk Sarees These have been traditional bridal favorites in Bengal for many years and of late have become widely popular across North India. This attire of royalty used to be painstakingly hand-crafted using real gold and silver threads and the finest silk over months or even years; however nowadays one can find less costly versions which look just as beautiful but use artificial substitutes. Strongly influenced by Mughal culture and the opulence of Mughal courts, one can find gorgeous designs inspired by Hindu and Persian artistic themes. They come with a lot of different ethnic embellishments and embroideries and are the most opulent bridal outfits around, with the most popular color choice being the traditional red.

Mysore Silk Sarees Mysore silk, produced in Karnataka, makes use of only the finest raw materials (for the yarn and gold threads) and is known for its impeccable purity. In South India, red is not the only color used and hence colorful Mysore silk sarees are quite popular for brides, especially when woven with beautiful Zari threads, shimmering designs and broad and bold borders. Green (representing youth and fertility) and yellow (representing joy and fruitfulness) are popular Mysore saree colors for brides.