Escort QI45 Remote Mounted Radar Sensor

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The Escort Redline could be the the top of line radar detector available from Escort - a high business in  radar and laser recognition technology. That product has an substantial feature set, excellent sensitivity, and unparalleled selectivity, but can it be of the same quality used since it appears in writing? Overall, from our screening, we positively think so it is.

All prime radar detectors have excellent range, however the tenderness of the Escort Redline is most importantly other radar detectors offered at this time. What this means is if you have a Redline, you'll manage to discover police radar from further out, which raises the amount of time you've to slow down when you achieve law enforcement officer. This unit finds all artists of police radar (X-band, K-band, and Ka-band) and it has outstanding performance across all bands.

The Escort Redline also offers unparalleled selectivity of radar alerts. It is great at determining whether an attentive is the effect of a police radar gun, or by still another radar detector in a nearby car. We have used other manufacturers of radar detectors, and we've to say that the rejection methods in the Escort and Beltronics radar detectors far exceed anything else out there. We've never gotten an alert from a radar alarm in another car when using our Escort Redline and we attribute that to the fact the Redline does a great job in rejecting junk radar signals.

Function intelligent, the Escort Redline includes every little thing you might imagine. A number of the standout characteristics contain detection and exhibit of numerous radar signs on one monitor, numeric radar frequency exhibit, and twin antennas for excessive range.