Repair/Re-install Outlook

Microsoft View Show is an email client supposed primarily for house users. Like Microsoft View, View Show comes in a new edition specifically Windows Live Mail. For Windows 7/Vista and different new types, Windows Live Send will work although not Express. It is because the latter was created limited to older Windows versions. So, in this informative article, we'll learn about adding Windows Live Mail. Always check this free Windows 7 support manual for View Show mount help. Instructions:  Live Send comes pre-installed with Windows 7 comes. There will be a Live Send or Important icon in your Programs list. Otherwise,check always the Start-up menu and you will see the Windows Live icon. Click it and indicate Windows Live Mail. When in the window, create and configure your email account as described next steps.

If Live Send didn't come included with your personal computer, go to the Microsoft internet site and try to find the program. Since it's a totally free email client, you will need perhaps not buy it. Click the Obtain Today button. Click the Save your self Record button when prompted. When performed, leave the browser window. Search for the wlsetup.exe record and start it. Click the Work button to accomplish the installation.

Await the Live Installer to get the files. When encouraged to create a selection, press the package alongside Mail. If you wish to mount different characteristics like Messenger, check always them too. When performed, hit the Deploy button. Await the tech to install your picked utilities. It can take some time. When performed, Get Live may fast one to indication up. In the event that you already have a Hotmail account or Get Live ID, press the Close button as you will need perhaps not subscribe for still another account.

Today press the Begin menu, All Programs, Get Live, and then Windows Mail. Because you are employing Windows Send for initially, it will fast one to configure your email account. In the Add an E-mail Bill window, enter your current email address and password in the applicable fields. Click to check on the Recall Code package as you would do in Outlook. Enter your name in the Present Title area and press to check on the package beside Personally configure machine adjustments for e-mail account.

If you notice, the e-mail adjustments displayed in this window are very nearly same as they certainly were in View Exp. Attack the Next button to continue. Choose POP3 from the drop-down menu alongside My incoming mail machine is really a server. Enter the incoming machine handle and the dock number also in the supposed field. That window is slightly distinctive from the window in Outlook. You had to steer to various parts to enter dock numbers and machine addresses. But, here you are able to enter all the data in a single window. Therefore, you are able to state it is more prepared than Outlook.

Enter rest of the data as desired. Don't overlook to check on the package beside My outgoing machine involves authentication. Attack the Next button to continue. If your email account is really a Hotmail or Windows account, this system may fast one to allow it to obtain your versions, communications etc. When performed, finish the wizard and you will see your entire messages and devices etc. in your inbox.Additional Tips:

In the event that you persist on using View Show, mount Windows XP on your own Windows 7 computer for dual booting. When you wish to utilize Show, boot in to Windows XP. When you are perhaps not using Microsoft View Exp, boot in to Windows 7. In the event you experience a problem using Windows Send, contact Live Send support.