Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

A Brazilian butt lift is an advanced cosmetic fat transfer surgery procedure which greatly enhances the shape and size of the butt. Excess fat from the stomach, thighs, hips, or lower back is removed with liposuction, a little of it is then strategically injected to the butt, and a small amount of it is then injected to the navel.  visit the site

In recent years, Brazilian butt lift surgery has become an increasingly popular procedure to treat excessive butt fat. Women of all shapes and sizes have benefited from having fuller, firmer legs, but some women suffer from too much fat in their behinds, too. It's not an easy thing to hide behind a tight shirt or a skirt, but now you can easily achieve that look with Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Unlike other types of cosmetic surgery, surgical butt lifts are designed to create a more natural-looking, youthful look. You will look completely natural because your new buttocks will be sculpted to match the contour of your hips and your thighs, making you look like a younger, thinner version of your age-old self. Plus, after the surgery you will be able to wear whatever you want, because you won't need to hide your butt anymore!

Before you get started, make sure you meet with your surgeon to discuss your medical history checkups and to discuss how many pregnancies, births, and surgeries of any kind you've had to date. This will help determine how much excess skin you will need to lose and will help the surgeon determine the best way to get you there.

When you finally decide on a surgical butt lift, you will undergo several procedures to achieve the results you want. The first step is to create a cast of your buttocks to measure your new look, and to get a picture of your butt on a paper and a scale so your doctor can take a close-up picture. This is one of the most important steps in the process, because the final photo will be the first one that anyone will see of you.

After the cast and photo are taken, you will then receive injections of silicone into your buttock area so your butt lift surgery is completely painless. After about two to three days, you will begin to feel an intense swelling and redness around your buttock, which will go away as the day wears on.

After the procedure, your skin will be soaked with a special lotion, which will keep your skin tight. After about a week you will see an improvement in the look of your butt.

If you're worried about losing weight in the process of your butt lift surgery, don't be. The procedure will help you lose weight naturally. The extra fat that's been removed will be replaced by the fatty tissue of your body, so your butt will return to a firm, youthful state which will be just as firm and youthful as you were when you began.

A Brazilian butt lift may not be suitable for everyone, so you should talk to your surgeon about your particular needs and expectations before undergoing this cosmetic procedure. You may need a full thigh lift instead, if you have wider buttocks. You may also need a different type of lift depending on whether your buttock has a "V" shaped or rounded shape.

Once the procedure is complete, you will need to follow the post-operative instructions that your surgeon provides you with. These instructions are designed to help reduce any swelling, and improve the appearance of the buttock area. If you've had your buttock lifted before, you may also be advised to increase your exercise routine, since the lift will help to firm and tone your muscles.

There is usually a small amount of bruising and swelling after the procedure, and you may have to avoid certain foods such as spicy foods for a few days. But overall, there's really no pain involved, and your butt looks great.

In summary, there are several reasons why you should consider getting a Brazilian butt lift. If you haven't, now is the time to find out if this procedure is right for you.