What is the best way to find jobs in Dubai

If you are visitor in Dubai and fell in love in the City and you decided to stay for good, the first thing you would do is Find a job that would both sustain the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai and to put food in your table as well as your family’s. Jobs in UAE

If you are new in Dubai, it might be a little overwhelming for you when you see the number of available jobs in Dubai, the number of Job Search Platform, the number of recruiters posting in social Medias like Facebook, What’s app, linked in etc. Let’s tackle the Pros and Cons in finding a Jobs in Dubai using the different ways.

You can search Jobs in Dubai in many ways, below are the most common ways and most effective.

Website Hunting - Companies often post their Job Openings in their website and it became their own Job Online Platform. Job seekers just have to search in website the company they wanted to apply in and see the career options in the menu.

Pros: This is the safest way to apply as it is direct to company’s HR team. The responses are faster and you would know if you have passed the screening or not. And most of the  automatic responses are used religiously hence as a Job Seeker you would know if you are still waiting for the opportunity or if it’s time to move on the next company.

Cons: The job positions are limited. If you are a Job seeker that is trying to practice specific profession, your preferred position might not be available on your chosen company. Hence you have to search tediously a specific company the opens your specific profession.

Linked In - This is the most popular professional platform in the internet. This is like your normal social media platforms but used in a professional needs, like Job hunting site, recruitment site, motivational work advises, work ethic videos etc.

Pros: You can find a large group of Talent agencies, company that are hiring. The opportunities are limitless. And you can find a great connections of people.

Cons: Since Linked In is available around the world, the competition is from different country as well. You can find minimum of 20 people applying for the same job opening. You have to present you profile as the best of the best.

Job Search Platform - This is the most common way to apply or search for a job in Dubai. Because of the number of applicants in the City, the number of Job Search platform company increases as well. Example of Job Search Platforms in Dubai are Indeed, Dubizzle, Bayt, Naukrigulf, VACANCIES.ae and many more. Jobs in UAE

Pros - You can find easily the Job you wanted. You can filter all available Jobs in terms of Location, Pay grade, Position, Company, etc. Some offers a “Make your own resume” as well. It is a one stop shop like of platform for both candidates and hiring team.

Cons - Some platforms offers limited options until you subscribe monthly. Like Linked In there are also a great amount of job seeker uses this way.

Social Medias (Facebook, What’s app, etc.) - In UAE, one of the ways that same races connect, is via Group chats. People create Group pages and groups chats where they help one another in terms of Apartment searching, selling of items and even in Job hunting. It became a norms already and some people find it easier.

Pros: You can meet a lot of people from you same country, and they can teach you a thing or two in terms of on how to find Jobs in Dubai, and the living conditions as well. It can be your stepping stone to know more about the City especially if you are alone.

Cons: As mentioned, since the purpose of these groups is to help the newbies, this is the best way as well for the scammers to stand by. Hiring agencies that are asking for processing fees are often find in these groups. In consequences some are spending fares to  get to their interviews only to find out that it is scam, worst case is some job seekers that are not knowledgeable in the City tends to fall for this gimmick.

Walk In Interviews - This is the oldest way to find a job. It is self-explanatory. You visit specific company, submit your resume and push your luck more to get the initial interview.

Pros: Doing Walk In interviews shows your eagerness to get the job. It can be your way to make a good first impression to the hiring teams.

Cons: This is a tedious process and with a very slim chance. You have to spend time searching and submitting your resumes with no idea if the company is even hiring. It’s crucial if you are badly in need of work.

These are just some of the most common ways to find Job Vacancies in Dubai and even Jobs in Sharjah and Jobs in Abu Dhabi. You can still get your fist job by recommendations or referral of Friends or maybe your job is waiting in some newspaper. There are tons of ways, you just have to be patient, smart, and prepared.