How To Choose Hardwood Flooring For Your Home


hardwood flooring


What are the best ways to plan to redesign a space within your home? Deciding on the design and type of flooring is an important decision. The feeling of your room will be affected by the colors and texture of the flooring. Based on the needs of your family certain materials will be more suitable than others.

Hardwood flooring is popular because of its natural warmth and aesthetic. It also offers customers tons of possibilities for personalizing their products--it takes more than just choosing the shade of wood stain.

When you're planning to install new floors consider reading our guide for how to choose the right hardwood flooring. We will walk you through how to select the best wood flooring materials, style and finish.

Check out some more benefits of installing genuine wood flooring at home:

The soft material makes it cozy and warm under naked feet.

Authentic wood products are durable and last for a long time if maintained properly.

Hardwood can add an element of character to your living space and can add a natural element of design.

There are a myriad of custom choices for the colors, grain, and stain to add your personal touch to your flooring.

There are several aspects to take into consideration when selecting hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is durable and can be installed throughout the home with numerous design options. Consider the function of the space that you're renovating before you shop for new hardwood flooring charlotte nc. Do you need moisture resistance? What is the most comfortable or warm you prefer your flooring to be? What are your preferences for design? What are your design preferences? How often do you clean, maintain, and perhaps finish your floors?

Different types of flooring

First, decide on whether you would prefer engineered or solid wood flooring. Solid hardwood used to be the most well-known choice for flooring. It's made up of strong, solid planks of wood These floors are joined using a tongue and groove along each side. Solid hardwood floors are an excellent option for flooring that will last. They provide an authentic feel compared to engineered wood planks. You can sand down and refinish these hardwood floors repeatedly since the boards tend to be larger than engineered wood planks.




Engineered hardwood floors are becoming increasingly sought-after. They are made with an extremely thin veneer made of hardwood that is layered over multiple layers of composite material and plywood. The layers were created to stop the flooring from shifting as time passes. Some engineered floorings feature an extremely thin layer on top that makes it difficult to sand and finish. The floors might not be refinished more often than.

Wood Types

The wood species, or type of wood you choose to use, is another big decision to make for your upcoming project. There are many options available in wood species that will impact the design of your room. You shouldn't limit yourself to the kind of wood you choose. Different species of wood have distinct advantages in terms of functionality.




Certain wood species are more durable than other species. Consider installing a harder wood in the event of a renovation that gets a lot of foot traffic.

Appearance and Grain Pattern

Grain pattern is a crucial element when selecting the pattern for your flooring made of wood. The grain pattern on a plank made of wood will differ based on the way it was cut.

The most popular and common type of wood is the plain sawn. It has traditional wood grain with cathedrals or patterns.

Rift-sawn lumber has a consistent grain, but no cathedrals. This is the priciest grain pattern.

Quarter-sawn lumber can be compared to rift but also has irregular specs which create unique patterns that are sometimes 3D.

To create a unique floor, you may be able hardwood flooring charlotte nc to purchase multiple grain patterns.

The width of the board is the next aspect to consider. Planks of hardwood flooring come in a range of sizes to make a pleasing style with the installation. Planks with a narrow width are approximately 2 inches in width, however certain planks of wood can be sold much wider, at around 6 or 7 inches.

Finishing Options

The look of your flooring will determine the way you maintain and clean your hardwood floors. If you are buying new flooring they can be ordered prefinished or unfinished.

Pre-finished hardwood floors are delivered pre-finished. That means your flooring arrives at your residence with the flooring already finished and stained. This lets you see the final results of your floors from the start. You may also be able to see samples of the flooring in your house to see how it will pair with your current decor. Pre-finished wood floors ensure that installation will take less time.

Set Up

The best method for doing hardwood flooring installation charlotte will depend on the type of wood that you pick, as well as the thickness of the planks. If you're planning to go the DIY route, your flooring materials may have specific instructions for installing. Also, you should gather the necessary equipment like a drill, pry bar, and pneumatic flooring.

The installation of hardwood flooring in the home is difficult for the average homeowner. The real wood flooring is an investment of a significant amount, therefore it's important to install them properly the first time. A lot of contractors are able to dispose of old floors properly. That's why many people choose to hire an experienced flooring company to help them out. They have the expertise and equipment to get the job done.