Everything You Should Learn About Your Coffee Beans




Have you ever wondered what the fancy words printed on the coffee cup mean? This article is intended for you. In this article, I'll provide you with everything you should know about coffee beans. I'll start with the single origin coffee varieties, and how they are processed, and roasted.

What coffee beans are available?

Let me start by describing the different coffee bean families. I will cover the most commonly used coffee beans in the world; the Arabica and the Robusta. These two coffee beans are not alone There are other coffee beans that are rarer and will only be utilized to make the highest high-quality coffee available on the planet.

I'm talking about the Liberica and the Excelsa coffee beans. These coffee beans are much more difficult to locate in the supermarkets because there just aren't enough coffee beans to go around.

In this article, I will start by discussing the Arabica coffee bean. Read on as I provide a lot of details about the coffee that you drink each morning.

The Arabica coffee beans

Let's begin with Arabica coffee beans. They are the most consumed coffee in the world. Arabica coffee is harvested from the plant Coffea Arabica.

It is believed that this is the very first species of fresh coffee to be recognized. More than 60% of coffee in the world is made by Coffea Arabica.

Arabica is the generic name used for all coffee beans belonging to the same family. Typica is the original type. From here on out it is possible to find a variety of varieties that have been identified. Here are some examples: Bourbon, Caturra and Cutaui; Mundo Novo and numerous others.

For example, the bourbon coffee is a natural mutation of the Typica coffee tree. Mundo Novo is an intermixture between the Typica coffee plant as well as the Bourbon coffee plant.

Each region has its own type of coffee plant. These coffees have a distinctive flavor.




The Arabica coffee plant typically grows from 900m- 2000m (3000ftup to 6600 feet) and higher. The further up the mountains the coffee plant grows the more expensive the coffee beans will be. This is in direct correlation with how much space the coffee farmer is able to put on his mountain. Also, places that are difficult to reach are more demanding to work on.

What is Robusta coffee beans? And how do they develop?

The second most popular coffee bean is Robusta. Coffea Canephora. It could be translated to Coffea Canephora. Producing more than 98% of all the coffee inventory, along with single origin coffee.

The Robusta coffee plant is more sugar and caffeine than the Arabica however it's also less prone to various ailments. Coffee farmers prefer to grow a mix of coffee plants.

There are many other advantages when you grow Robusta beans on the farm. The Robusta coffee plant can take about 2 to 3 years to mature completely, compared to Arabica coffee plants, which can take up to 7+ years until they are ready to be harvested.

Robusta is famous for its acidity. This coffee bean has nearly twice as much acidity on them as the Arabica coffee beans. This fresh coffee is the most frequently used in a blend of coffee. Since the beans are known for their an appealing flavor profile and are high-quality Arabica coffee beans, this is the reason it is so popular in coffee blends.

You'll learn all you must learn about blends made of coffee by reading the following. This will give you a more general understanding of what I just talked about.

Liberica coffee. How scarce are these coffee beans?

It's not common to find the Coffea Liberica coffee bean. The coffee beans produced by the Coffea Liberica coffee plant are only found in a handful of places. The Coffea Liberica produces only about 2percent of the world's supply of coffee.

The Coffea Liberica coffee beans are larger than those made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. It is higher in amount of caffeine over Arabica beans, but lower than Robusta.