8 Tips For Choosing The Right Cctv System For Your Company


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Small and large businesses as well as non-profit organizations have to make the decision to purchase the best CCTV system.

CCTV systems can provide more than security. The right system can bring you more benefits than ever before.

Here are eight important points to keep in mind when deciding on the best surveillance system is best for your company.

It's not always wise to be cheap.

It is always smarter to purchase a high-quality cameras, especially entry-level Chicago security cameras that lets you expand your camera collection as your company grows. The most reliable CCTV brands will offer a range of recorder and camera options from reputable brands like Axis, Samsung, Honeywell and many more. These brands are able to provide better quality, even though they may be more costly. They will come with a longer warranty than smaller cameras that are not branded, and typically have a six-month guarantee and may not include professional installation.

Your Purpose of CCTV Installation

Determine the reason(s) why you want a CCTV system in the office. Be aware of your priorities, as this will help narrow down your options according to the capabilities of the CCTV systems. Are you always out of town and require your CCTV to keep an eye on the office? Are you in retail and require security cameras to stop theft in your business? It is important to have an idea of what you want to achieve for deciding on the most appropriate surveillance system for your company.

Check for smartphone compatibility

If you're a mobile user, your CCTV system should be able to transmit security information directly to your phone. Leading security companies offer live streaming of CCTV camera footages to smartphones and text notifications when security breaches are detected. You're always in charge, even when you're not at work.

Determine if Static or Moving Cameras

There are CCTV cameras that once you have installed them provide only an image of a specific area or angle. These are referred to as fixed cameras. You can also control the rotation of the cameras, giving you an all-round view and motion of the space where they are installed. These cameras are known as pan tilt zoom (PTZ). For added security, you can add motion sensors to the PTZ cameras, directing the camera to focus on the area where it detected motion. You can select the one that is appropriate for the area in which the camera will mount in accordance with your needs.




The Lighting Condition

Test the cameras to see which ones work effectively with the lighting in your office. There are various lighting conditions in the offices. Do you have any backlights which create glares, similar to the ones found in bars and nightclubs? Strobing and laser light sources can affect the clarity of footages recorded by CCTV cameras. For conventional offices, consider where the cameras will be set up. Is it near a light source or in a dim room? Indoor or outdoor? The aim is to obtain clear footages and images from the cameras regardless of lighting conditions.

Consult a CCTV Expert for advice

Before deciding on a security system, seek advice from a security professional. They can assist you in assessing the security of your workplace and provide videos recorded by various types of CCTV cameras. This will provide you with an accurate picture of cost and quality of the footage prior to signing up for a specific package. Do your research online to find reputable companies in the field and compare the various CCTV cameras available.

Take a look at a Scalable System

The system you choose will be able to handle the growth of your business. Start with just a few cameras installed on your premises. In the future, you may add more units or add mobile alerts or night-vision features. You can purchase security cameras Chicago and can update as your security requirements evolve.

Discuss the cost of maintenance

Before deciding on the installation of the system, you should discuss the repair and maintenance cost with the provider. Some service providers charge monthly to manage your security system as well as making sure emergency personnel is available in the event of an unforeseen event. It is possible to determine upfront the cost and the monthly fees you be required to pay so you know how much you're paying for security.

The best security camera system for your company is a crucial component of your security system. Before you decide on the ideal one, you should compare the available equipment, packages, and service providers.