The Best Button Makers For Your Crafting Needs


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Buttons are a great accessory for a variety of occasions. Buttons are great for fundraising, concerts or commemorative events as well as campaigns. And they can bring a completely new vibe to your outfit with the addition of color. It's fun to create your own button and make your own personal buttons at home. Here are some of the best button maker we recommend.

What to Look for in the Button Maker

There are a lot of options when it comes to selecting the right button maker. Here are some things to consider in making your choice:

Sturdiness: The last thing you'll want or require when crafting buttons is to press down on the handle and the tool falls off. There are numerous options available but the most efficient choice would be to find something that has a sturdy or non-slip base, or that can be fastened to the work surface.

Variant Mold Compatibility. While circle buttons are fantastic, some machines also use different molds to create different shapes.

Included Accessories In case you already have the equipment for making buttons and require the machine, you should look for a model that doesn't include all the accessories. You may find that some models include everything you require to get going immediately after receiving it!

The Badge-AMinit Button Maker is the ideal option for schools.

Badge-AMinit's button maker comes with everything you need for making school crafts fun. It's inexpensive, which makes it ideal for purchasing some to use at the school. You can make your first 10 2.25-inch buttons right away after you receive it. This kit includes the hand press, 10 pinback button sets as well as ten assembly rings and ten school designs. This safe and fun activity can be enjoyed at home , as well as at school. Its small size makes it easy to store and will provide lots of laughter.

Mophorn Button Maker: Best Value

With the Mophorn button maker, you have the capacity to make up to 300 buttons per hour! Cast iron equipment is made of high-quality components. They also have solid bases that provide greater stability. The ergonomic style of the handle will allow you be more efficient with your button making. Die molds of various sizes are easy to put in place and can help you make keys chains, buttons, rope ties, bottle openers and much more!

Best Color Options: ChiButtons B400 Button Maker Kit

ChiButtons B400 is the sleek button maker that you will need in your crafting area. The set comes with an acrylic base, as well as a swivel mount to lock the molds in place. Magnetic connectors can be used using three-piece molds for dies in a variety of sizes, such as triangles, pentagons and hearts. It comes with 100 pinback button parts as well as a photo-friendly paper. This button maker in six different metallic colors to suit your individual style.

Ideal for large-scale projects.

This button maker made by Anbull has everything you need to make a lot of buttons in a relatively short time. The all-metal slides and molds are highly compatible. Compared to a typical ABS slide that is made of metal, the all-metal version is more comfortable for use and stays sharper for longer. The tripod supports are made of a strong aluminum alloy, meaning there will be no wobble when you press down with the ergonomically designed handle. Included with your purchase are 1,000 badge buttons made of metal shells and 1,000 pin badges made of metal button backs, and 1000 Mylar films.

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