Everything You Must Know About Storage For Your Car


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Storing your car isn't as simple as locking it away in a garage. By just leaving your vehicle outside in a garage for a long period of time, it exposes the possibility of damage to the engine or the paint finish of your car. Whether you're looking for castle rock car storage to store your car for the winter or long-term it is important to take the right measures to prevent the damage to your car. We'll be sharing some tips and tricks to store your car.

Car Storage Tips You Should Remember

For the most part storage for cars is a simpleand straightforward process. However, many vehicle owners do not consider important factors when putting their cars in storage. To spare you the unforeseen hassles of car storage, we have compiled the top 8 steps to keep in mind when you are storing a vehicle.

Top Off Fluids and Change the Oil

This is crucial for Indoor Car Storage. Top off your car's fuel and oil before storing it away. It allows extra protection for the engine in your car as it ages. Premium fuel is better since it doesn't have the ethanol, and it provides longer-term security. Another option is adding the fuel stabilizer. This is an excellent option for storage that is long-term since it prevents the gasoline from corroding the fuel line.

Also, make sure to check for other vital fluids. If necessary, top them up. be.

Inflate tires and check the levels of coolant.

It's very frustrating to find that your car has a flat-tire after you take it out of storage. Before you store it away, be sure to make sure to check the tire's pressure. We recommend slightly over-inflating the tires, since cold air could bring the tire pressure down.

Make sure the car is protected

Photo of a car lifted storage

Covering your car may seem like an obvious step but it's crucial not to overlook it.You do not want to expose your vehicle to elements outside such as dust, debris hail, snow or even snow. Shrink wrap can be used to protect your vehicle.




Make sure that your vehicle is spotless clean

It is not a good idea to pull your vehicle that is dirty from storage. Neglecting to wash your vehicle can cause damage to the car's finish. Give your car a thorough wash and coat it with a layer of wax to provide extra protection over time.

Keep the car's battery kept

There's nothing worse than taking your vehicle out of storage only to discover that your battery is dead. We recommend using a battery keeper to stop this. When the vehicle isn't being used for a while it will switch off the battery charger to charge it.

Guard the Blades of the Wiper

The wiper blades should not adhere to the windshield of your car. To prevent this, either take off the wiper blades altogether or place some plastic wrap between the wiper blades and the windows and overtop the wipers.

Make sure your vehicle isn't slipping away

To ensure that your vehicle stays at a steady position when it is stored, apply the handbrake whenever you park your vehicle. For extra protection it is possible to put blocks beneath the tires to prevent the car from rolling.

Take into consideration professional auto Storage

If you do not have the space to indoor car storage you should think about an expert storage service. You can put your car in storage units for vehicles for either short-term or long-term storage. What exactly is the service function? We've compiled all you must know about car storage units.