What's The Distinction Between Salon And At-Home Hair Color?




There are a variety of options available for how we express ourselves by our appearance in the world. One of the most popular methods we can achieve this is to alter the color of our hair. It is possible to find almost any shade you could imagine in both local pharmacies and the most rated Florida salons like Peekaboo hair coloring. No matter if you have a limited budget or are short on time, DIY hair colors will appeal to all. However, is there actually any difference between home color and salon hair color?

Hair Color High Quality

The short answer is yes. The first thing to note is that at-home hair dyes are not as high-quality as the ones you can find in salons hair colorists Los Angeles. These at-home products contain more toxic chemicals than salons, and they do not contain the protective ingredients. This increases the likelihood that you'll experience damage to your hair, breakage or loss at home than if you have a trained hair stylist. This is both because of the quality of the dye used and the inexperience of the person dying their own hair.

Expertise and Experience

While using a color at home isn't exactly cutting and dry, hair color salon professional does much more than just apply dye to your hair. Before any hair coloring procedure starts, your stylist performs an initial assessment. The stylist conducts an initial assessment to determine if your hair's healthy. This will include checking for elasticity, moisture levels and skin irritation. If your hair isn't healthy enough to withstand the color of your hair, your stylist will notify you of this in advance. This alone can reduce the chance of hair loss or severe damage. From there, they will discuss the desired outcome and then consult a color wheel and mix a color according to your existing hue. These factors are crucial to the final results of your bleach and toner.


Inadequacy of personalization

There is no universal way to dye your hair at home. Damaged and dry hair is dyed with the same chemical formula as healthy hair. While brunettes and redhead could use the same color but they're usually not identical. Despite the color guide however, the results will not be quite as expected. Sometimes, the hue is much more brassy than anticipated or could be a completely surprising shade. This is particularly true when you attempt to create a radical color change at home. Most box dyes do not make hair lighter or darker than 2 or 3 shades of the original. To fix these color mistakes, it can take hair color salon Los Angeles experienced for some time and could be costly.

The dangers of at-home hair dye

In addition to these negative results, it is easy to overlook the fact that at-home dye kits could be dangerous when applied by inexperienced people. From allergic reactions to burns, extreme irritation and stains The best way to use these chemicals is at a well-equipped salon, where they're handled and applied carefully by professionals.

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