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Crystals were one of the first instruments that were used to aid people in understanding the spiritual world. They are beautiful and the process of development is fascinating. They undergo a variety of transformations over millions of years, resulting in multicoloured rocks which carry the power that is the Universe. What better way to get the positive energy within your home or as part of your jewelry collection?


It might be difficult to tell the authentic crystals from fakes, especially if you are new to crystal collecting. It's not an easy thing to do, but we must admit that it isn't easy. We're extremely selective in which companies we cooperate with. It's also upsetting to have to shell out a significant amount of dollars on tinted glasses.

A Beginner's Guide To Crystal Shopping

Any Singapore crystal healer will tell you that the attraction to these rocks isn't something new. This could be a problem for beginners. There's a lot of contradicting information available on the internet. We are here to help you make the first purchase.

Crystal shopping online

There are many sellers online selling crystals from other countries via Instagram. This is both a blessing as well as a curse. Although we would love to tell the truth it is not possible to alternative to seeing the crystals face-to-face. But, those who do not have access to bricks and mortar stores must be cautious. There are fakes as well as mistaken rocks on the market, so be safe!

Find the perfect crystal for you

When they discover the correct healing crystal, some people get a sensation in their body usually warmth or a mild vibration. Those who don't already possess one should wait until one comes to them. If you don't understand the above, you can narrow it down to your intent or your aesthetic. Google lens is another powerful tool.

Which is more important? Color or capabilities?

When crystals are involved one of the most difficult issues is color. The "capabilities" of crystals vary depending on their hue. This is due to the method by which they are created and the chemical components which make up the mix. Some will fade if they're exposed to sunlight on a daily basis.





How do you clean your cysts

The crystal must be cleaned as soon as you locate the perfect suitable. Physical cleanliness is essential and should not be neglected. Metaphysical cleansing is a different issue. Sensitive people can be affected by a "dirty" jewel.

Regularly placing your crystals over Carnelian or in a pan filled with rock salt is an effective method of washing them. It's acceptable to leave them over night, just be sure it's dry, as saltwater can harm your Singapore crystal. Make careful to throw out the "dirty" salt and keep it away from plants. Be sure to wash up after them since they might pick up impressions from your feet.

What happens if I don't wash my crystals "enough"?

The continual disinfection of phones can result in the constant feeling of "Have my crystals been cleaned thoroughly enough?" While there is no simple answer, you can try to safeguard yourself from negative energy by taking responsibility for cleaning them.