7 Custom Buttons That Will Boost Your Business




A fun topic to give your business a bit of an boost. In short, it's time to make your marketing fun. It's also essential to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. The modern day consumer (and not just young people) do not want to be pitched to. They want their brand to fit into what they already care about as well as the lifestyle they already lead.

That's why putting your message on a creative attractive, attention-grabbing custom buttons is the best option. The people who see it believe it's fun or cool and will stick it on their jackets. (This is one time it's ideal to have your message "worn out.") They could keep a button in their desks. They can also attach the button on a magnet to their fridge or cabinet in their office.

Create something unique, so that your button will be noticed

The more appealing the design and wording, the more likely your button will go places. The great thing is that we can create any type of button you have in mind. And with our experience, we're able to help in the "clever ideas" part. Here are a few custom buttons of the possibilities that we can offer. Don't forget to hear the last...

7 of The Best Custom Buttons to Market Your Business

Carded Round Buttons

These buttons are fun and fun with a glossy, full-color graphic of your choice. Select a single, American-made 2/25" diameter. button or a gift card that contains four rigid vinyl 1.25" diam. buttons. You can alter the buttons and the card it is delivered in either case. It's easy to set up.

Custom-shaped buttons that can be up to 16 sq. In.

Creativity is the key. The size, shape and design. The button is made from solid vinyl and the laminated image is full color. It is simple to set up and the effect is unlimited. Unique shapes or big sizes? Our speciality. We can create everything you can imagine.




Round Corner Rectangle Buttons with Safety Pin Back

Hard to miss the buttons, or the message. Ultra-visible 1.75 in. wide by 2.75 in. high. Made in the USA with a high gloss and elegant look. This is an excellent design for large graphics and detailed messages. This format is ideal for events, conferences and for new promotions.

Captivatingly Customized 1" Lapel Pin

Fill your die-struck iron with up to 4 colors long-lasting soft-enamel. Silver/brass or gold/nickel plating. Pins are secured with a butterfly clutch. Pins are custom-made to your design and individually packaged. They are perfect to swap and collect. They'll be cherished by your potential customers.

Key Magnets

The thing these magnetic buttons grab the most attention is their magnetic buttons. Magnetic backs are fully magnetic and are able to stick to ferrous metal surfaces, such as refrigerators, lockers with whiteboards, file cabinets, file cabinets whiteboards and other metal surfaces. They are perfect for promotions, giveaways at trade shows and at events as well as campaign kickoffs and many other uses.

Big or small talk buttons for sound

Push-button promo! Promo push-button! To get their attention and ears, load audio messages and sound effects of 5-10 seconds. Push-down activation. Pick mini sound buttons featuring 3" x 2.5" ovals. If you want to go bigger, choose 3.25" diameter. round buttons.

Wearable Sound Button

The best of the best is last. A talking sound button that can be pinned to clothing, for an effective promotional message that gets around. A completely customized message of 10 seconds can feature voices and music, sound effects, and more. A push-button activates it and a pin on the back makes attaching to a jacket or shirt easy.