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Chiropractic New York

Chiropractic New York

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A big hello to Everyone from Dr Boris Nektalov, founder of Nektalov Chiropractic & Wellness. We focus on total body wellness through the maintenance of a healthy spine and digestion. I've practiced and specialize in a non-surgical spinal decompression and spinal corrective treatment. My objective is to research, review and develop the best integral treatment for neck and back herniated disc-related conditions. I continue to travel all over the world to obtain the most recent and advanced research and procedures for treating spinal conditions. We're also the only office in the Metropolitan area offering chiropractic spinal corrective care and non-surgical spinal decompression with digestive support.


Telephone: (718) 275-9000

Address: 108-50 71st Ave, Queens, NY, United States, 11375


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