When Should You Change The Skin Care Routine?

As the skin is the human's largest organ, it is essential to take care of it when the weather shifts. But when should you change your skincare routine? Let's find out.

During winter, cold temperatures and dry air can cause our skin to feel irritated and patched, so it would be best to stick to a more emollient cleanser and moisturizer. In the summer, consider using a gentle cleanser, tonic, and spot treatment - this combo is ideal for fighting skin's predisposition for breakouts. Additionally, you might want to adjust your skincare ritual as autumn comes. Don't forget to invest in good sunscreen and apply your moisturizer regularly, while gentle skin exfoliating is also a way to go.

Adjusting your skincare according to the season is the first pledge for maintaining your skin health and vitality. Check out the infographic for some more information.


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