Viking Compass

The history of Ancient Vikings, the world-famous Scandinavian nation, is filled with secrets and mysteries that are a point of interest for researchers till the present day. One of these mysteries is Vegvisir - let's find out what this Nordic attribute represents.

Vegvisir is essentially a Viking compass, also known as The Pointer of the Way. The word consists of two Norse words - Vegur and Vesir, meaning a way and a guide. The symbol of Vegvisir includes eight spokes that intersect in the center, associated with multiple paths that a Viking can take. The Nordic nation believed that Vegvisir had the power to help people find a way back home. That's why Vikings used a compass symbol during their sailings or drew Vegvisir on their ships to find the right direction in the seas.

Today, Vegvisir remains a spiritual amulet for many people, representing stability and safety. Do you want to discover some more details? Check the infographic.

Ancient Vikings