CEO and C Suite Recruitment


Recruiting a CEO comes with a unique set of challenges. The evolving role of CEO means that recruitment agencies and companies are looking for different sorts of candidates. A revolving door of CEOs can leave a company without direction or a clear strategy – making it vital to find the right candidate, whether it’s on a full-time or part-time basis.


CEO recruitment calls for the involvement of more stakeholders, including other C-suite leaders and board members, than other forms of executive recruitment. Setting out the specific qualities your company is seeking and clearly defining the role can streamline the recruitment process. Candidates are coming from a diverse range of backgrounds than ever before, offering fresh perspectives for companies at every stage of their development.

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The Future of CEO Recruitment

CEO recruitment is experiencing a great reshuffling in the post-pandemic world. We’re seeing voluntary turnover at an all-time peak, a trend that has appeared across every level within industries from entry-level roles to C-suite positions. The focus has shifted from experience to talent with a heightened emphasis on soft skills and adaptability as the role evolves to be more purpose-driven.

Candidates from non-traditional backgrounds - including marketing and technology – are stepping into the CEO role by offering a new approach. Executives are increasingly switching across sectors and industries.

The role of CEO is no longer a copy-and-paste position that is consistent across every industry. It’s vital for companies to implement a job description early on in the recruitment process to determine what they need from a successful CEO.