If you want to start a new cycle, mark a new moon phase in your calendar. With a New Moon Spell, the chance to build something new in your life is possible. Dream, plan, believe for this is the most magickal time for you to make some magic happen! New Moon spells are spells that you cast during the New Moon, the best time to set new intentions and work to get what you want. From love to abundance and money, on a New Moon you start with a fresh slate to manifest what you need. Best date March 10th 2024! New Moon in Pisces during ♓ Pisces Zodiac Sign! 😁 Contact me and I will cast my powerful New Moon Spell for you and make your dreams a reality. $95 Payment installments accepted. WhatsApp me or call directly 1-352-756-0432 or +91-772-481-0440 Send your New Moon Spell request to [email protected] PayPal.me/LadyArmida1