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Emergency Spells $160! Urgent! If Your Need is Immediate and Time is Short! Only you can decide if the time to take action is now. Not tomorrow, not the next day. Now! If you feel time is running out and nothing else you have tried has worked, the Emergency spell could be your last hope. Fortunately, it has come through for many others. Hopefully, it will for you. As you know, in time of need, things must be done quickly. No questions asked. No wasted time. Emergency spells are cast exclusively for those in this situation. They are cast for those who have run up against a brick wall. They are cast for those who have learnt they can�t count on anyone else to solve their very serious problems. They are cast for those who know a better life is around the corner and are willing to go the extra step to get what they want. If this is how you feel, you have come to the right place.

You should order this spell if: Your situation is dire and you have nowhere to turn. No one but you seems to really care. The more time passes, the more desperate your situation. With each passing day, you feel more helpless � a feeling there is nothing else you can do. But in your heart, you know that what you want, what you need, what you feel is right. If you feel the above words have been directed specifically toward you, do not procrastinate. Do not delay. Take a look at the specific Emergency spells below and determine which one(s) are right for you. Please note that you will have an opportunity to make your request by emailing me at Lady_armida1@ yahoo.com or at checkout. After we receive your order, we will send you an e-mail with the date the spell will be cast, and any other instructions if necessary.

Emergency Break Them Up Now Spelll Directed toward that couple who should not be together. In your heart, you know they are not right for each other. In reality, you are merely speeding up the process, for in the long run, they will eventually break apart anyway. ER1 $160.00 What are the couple's names?: Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: $190.00

Emergency Restore My Life Now Spell Return to happier, less complicated days surrounded by people who love you. If you are on the outs with a good friend, or family member, or a past lover, it is never too late to restore the good feeling and love you once had. ER2 $160.00 Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?:$190.00

Emergency Cancel My Enemy Now Spell Rid yourself of that nemesis. Expel this person from your life and redirect their negative energy back at them. If there is someone who is bothering you, trying to do you wrong, trying to make you look bad�have this emergency spell cast against them and watch their attitude change before your very eyes. ER3 $160.00 Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: $190.00

Emergency Rescue Your Lover Spell If the one you love is somewhere else, perhaps alone, or perhaps locked into a wrong relationship, you can request this spell to bring them back. Sometimes people don�t know they�re doing the wrong thing or are even in the wrong place. This spell could open their eyes so they can see your beauty inside and out. And your appeal will be irresistible. ER4 $160.00 Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power? $190.00

Emergency Matchmaker Spelll Are you alone? If so, why should you go through the rest of your life spending most of your days in solitude? If you are lonely and want to live the rest of your life snuggled up to that special person, there is no spell more vital than this one. Or more potent. ER5 $160.00 Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?:$190.00

Emergency Money Maker Spell It is an unfair fact of life that some people have money while others do not. Some people enjoy the good life, have material things that are the envy of others, and they walk around confident, content and happy. Why shouldn�t you be one of them? If you have worked hard all your life and are tired of the struggle to make ends meet, have this emergency spell cast in your behalf. First you can imagine the rewards. Then you can experience them. ER6 $160.00 Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?:$190.00

Emergency Lucky Streak Spell You have witnessed other people having lucky streaks that seem to last and last. You are envious of it and rightly so. So, now you don�t want to wait any longer � you want to experience this for yourself. This emergency spell affords you the opportunity to turn the tide, to bring things to you when you least expect them, to enjoy life to the fullest. Why shouldn�t it be you who gets all the breaks? ER7 $160.00 Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: $190.00


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