On March 8Th, 2014 I was rushed to hospital with severe stomach pains. I went through various tests and told I was not going home that night. A few hours later I was being operated on for bowel cancer. I woke up in intensive care where I stayed for 2 days and then transferred to a care ward. I would have died if I had not gone into the hospital when I did. I was allowed home  10 days later to recuperate. I refused chemo despite strong recommendations to take it for 6 months. Instead, I found the following anti-cancer protocol which works much more effectively and safely for me. I share it with you here. (Jim Hogan)

I am completely free of cancer 7 years later.

The Johanna Budwig Protocol


Johanna Budwig was a German biochemist and author. Budwig was a pharmacist and held doctorate degrees in physics and chemistry. Based on her research on fatty acids she developed a protocol that she believed was useful in the treatment of cancer

I discovered this when I refused to have chemo. It works for me and has for many others also. Here is the version I take.

5 Tablespoonfuls of FLAXSEED OIL.

5 Tablespoonfuls of COTTAGE CHEESE

Mix together with an electric blender and drink once a day. It does taste horrible, but the alternative is much worse.

You can mix some blueberries and grapes in with it and it will taste much better. Frozen blueberries are cheaper and also hold nutrients better than non-frozen.

Cut out as much sugar as you can as it will encourage cancer cells to grow (This is a must)

You can purchase organic flaxseed oil from the following;

COTTAGE CHEESE. You can purchase this from Tesco or Aldi.

Here are a few internet sites that have helped me.

I hope this will be a help

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I intend to expand on this article at a later date.