Money saving tips on cooking and shopping

Last updated on Monday 25Th,  August 2016


With Fish

1. For a quick sauce, mix some bottled sandwich or cucumber spread with a little bottled salad dressing and a few spoonfuls of milk. Mix to a smooth consistency and heat gently but do not boil.

2. Make skinning fish easier by dipping your fingers into water and then into salt to give you a better grip on the skin and prevent it from slipping.

3. Destroy fish smells by rubbing butter into your hands or wherever the smell is coming from.

With Meat & Poultry

1. For a tasty filler for hotpots and stews, try a few suet dumplings flavoured with herbs. A tasty alternative is to flavour with a few teaspoons of sage and onion mix.

2. To keep sausages fresh, try boiling them the evening before they are to be eaten. They'll taste better and will not split so easily when fried.

3. Quick porridge oats or fresh breadcrumbs make a good thickening for mince and will increase the bulk. They also make a tasty filler for meatballs and make the meal go further.

4. Try adding a few handfuls of fresh white breadcrumbs to the sausage meat when making Scotch eggs. There'll be little difference to flavour and the meat will go much further.

With Eggs.

1. Keep yolks fresh in a basin of cold water stored in a cool place.

2. Separate yolk from the white by breaking the egg into a saucer, upturn a small glass over the yolk and pour off the white.

3. To stop hardboiled eggs from discolouring, pop them into cold water as soon as the shell has been removed.


1. Save energy by using a microwave oven instead of a conventional oven whenever possible.

2. Thaw frozen food before cooking it. Less energy is needed to cook the food.

3. Don't boil water in an uncovered pan. Water boils quicker in a covered pot or kettle. And it's safer!

4. Finely chop meat and vegetables for stews. The smaller the pieces, the less time and energy it takes to cook them.

5. Remove cooking odours by boiling a handful of cloves in water for about 30 minutes.

6. Make your breakfast cereal with mixed oats, dried fruit and chopped raw apple.

7. Overripe bananas can be mashed and frozen for quick and easy flavouring for cakes and biscuits.

8. To remove a sponge cake from the tin without it sticking, try standing the tin on a damp cloth for a minute or so before turning out.

9. Cut fresh bread into thin slices by dipping the knife into boiling water first.

10. To stop salt clogging, add a few grains of rice to the salt pot.

11. To keep biscuits fresh, place a cube of sugar in the tin beside them.