(Last updated on Tuesday 5Th May 2015)

When you have failed at something, often the hardest thing on earth, is to go back at it again and keep at it until you turn your failure into success.

Many people have permitted some experience in their earlier years to become a lifetime handicap. How many unnecessary handicaps have you accumulated through the years? it's not too late to go to work on them yet if you will only decide to start doing something about them!

Form the habit of taking stock of yourself when things have gone wrong, discover what the causes and conditions are that you have to face, and then get busy and correct and overcome them. But don't sit back when you run into trouble and wait for others to overcome it for you.

How have you reacted to past failures? did you rebel? blame others and circumstances beyond your control, do you avoid facing certain unhappy situations, nurse grudges, and resentments, continue to live in fear that something worse might happen, that you couldn't ever overcome different obstacles, that you were destined to fail, to have bad luck?

Is this the way you reacted? if it is you have permitted these wrong happenings to effect your life destructively, not only at the time of their happening, but you have given them power to upset you emotionally and mentally-and to attract other bad happenings up to this present moment; What you have not overcome in your past remains to plague you in our present.

IMPORTANT: Did you completely absorb the thought in that last paragraph? I highlighted it to show you its importance. If you learn nothing else, that thought alone, fully understood and fully appreciated, can give you the means of overcoming failure, every time! Drain every bit of meaning out of those words. Take your time, mull them over in your mind. Then, when you are ready, read on.


If you have developed the bad habit of sitting around, doing next to nothing, putting forth no more effort than is actually required on the job, indulging in wishful thinking, hoping that something better will happen to you but expending no persistent effort to help attract better conditions to you-you can expect little improvement in your future. No unhappy condition or problem ever solves itself. Something has to be done about it...and YOU are the one who has to do it!

Switch from a does nothing to a do something attitude now. Read the CODE OF THE DOER below and repeat it every day until it becomes part of you.


1. Maintain a positive, optimistic attitude of mind in the face of all seeming negative conditions.

2. Try to correct all mistakes quickly - as soon as possible.

3. Remember that desire attracts opportunities, and that fear attracts only failure.

4. Remember that I can only learn to do by doing.

5. Refuse to permit any setbacks to upset me as they have in the past


How to extract the good from all your failures

At present, you may not be able to see much value in your failures. The temptation may have been to put the memory of them as far out of reach as possible. They are experiences you want to forget, in the hope that you may never have to face them again.

Unhappily, like a weed that has been cut off at ground level, the roots of the failures are still there, and will grow up again to plague you. What is the answer?


If you feel you have failed in something, you have no reason to permit despair and depression to overwhelm you. Inherent in every failure are the ingredients of success!

The mistake you have made, the things you have done wrong, you lack experience and judgement and the application has undoubtedly contributed to what you have finally had to recognise as failure.

But now, looking back, if you will honestly try to see yourself as others may have seen you, and to evaluate you past efforts objectively, you can put your finger on specific things which kept you from making a success of whatever you have undertaken.

It may hurt to face up to these things, but life will hurt you much more in the future if you keep on putting off this necessary inventory. To turn failure into a success you must first learn how to meet failure and to extract the constructive lessons each failure has to teach you.

You have a "goldmine" stored away in your consciousness in the for of past experiences, However, unhappy many of them may have been.

There are only TWO ways you can profit in life: from your own experiences, and from the experiences of others. In this, and all future articles, the aim is to help you open up your mind to your unlimited inner powers and possibilities and to enable you to read between the lines of the experiences of others so that you can take inspiration and guidance from them as you apply what they learned and accomplished, under adverse conditions and circumstances, to your own life.

This is the way to turn failure into success. It should be heartening to you to realise that the same path you are travelling has been traversed by ALL others who have achieved. No one has had it easy. It only seems easy because we see just the surface of the other person achievement and have not actually been in his/her shoes.

Do you have the spirit of the doer? Do you have an urge, deep down inside, to better your own conditions in life, to pick yourself up after you have been knocked down, to keep on when everything seems to be against you?

If you DON'T have the spirit of the doer you can cultivate it. If you were not born with it, as some fortunate people are, you can acquire it. How? You start by simply giving the best you've got to everything you do the small things as well as the big.


You learn to do by doing. It will take time and patience to pursue a goal which may seem elusive or far away. But you can be assured that your progress will be absolutely certain if you master each step as you go.

It is a mistake to consider anything you may be doing as trivial or unimportant.

You can't afford to do less than your best in anything you undertake if it's nothing more than mowing the lawn or mending a sock.

Everything you do is important. If you let yourself fall into the habit of being careless, indifferent, and slothful in little things, you will perform the same way when it comes to BIG things.

Friends criticized farmer Henery Brown for taking such pains with building a pig pen.

"Your pigs won't know the difference, " they told him.

"Maybe not-but I will!" was his simple answer.

Farmer Brown's policy of doing the best he knew how in everything he tackled, paid off. His pigs and his other exhibits at the fair always took first place.

Isn't this what you really want?

Let's face it what you really want is to be just the person you always have been with built in improvements added!

You don't want to surrender your free will and choice. You want the right to make your own decisions even though they may lead, on some occasion, to serious, even costly mistakes. 

You'd rather have to contend with such physical and mental handicaps as may beset you than be freed from their limitations and possess no freedom of expression, no mind or soul of your own.

You certainly realise that there is no growth, no progress, no feeling, no self-reflective entity in a robot. It is what it is, what it always was, what it always will be, and no more.

You, with all your imperfections, possess the independent power to strive toward perfection to better your conditions in life to learn how to profit from your mistakes and handicaps- to make the best of what has happened and what may happen!

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