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Here is a list of things you can do to cut your energy costs.

1. Insullate cavity walls. This stops heat escaping, so your house stays warmer and uses less electric.

2. Fit loft insulation to stop energy escaping through your roof tiles.

3. Fit low energy light bulbs.

4. Turn the central heating down. Turning it down 1 degree centigrade could save 10% on household bills. Do not turn down unnecessarily where elderly or very young people are concerned.

5. Lag the hot water tank (If you have one).

6. Install double glazing.

7. Fit draught-proofing.

8. Fit shelves above radiators. This deflects heat which otherwise rises to the ceiling.

9. Fit silver foil behind radiators. This reflects heat back into the room.

10. Take a shower instead of a bath. You'll use less energy and water.


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