The days of the cross are not over

Have you ever read the Bible and wondered what it is about ? Did you ever desire to have a personal relationship with Jesus ? Do you want to find out what are the assets of having the Holy Spirit ? Bethel Christian Books is a brand of an experienced,ordained christian evangelist that has decided to bring out genuine christian teaching books.The teaching is entirely based on the bible,free from personal opinion and not committed to any type of society or cult,whether christian or not. I am trying to bring out a series of books partly in English,partly in German language that are explaining all the nuts and bolts of christian faith and christian religion.I am only interested in small reward but I want the copyright of the books to be respected because of this small reward.Currently,I offer the book "To understand and live". It is a in-depth look at the Gospel. It reports about how to give your life to Jesus,why and how to live at the side of Jesus.It can be ordered as PDF by an E-Mail to [email protected] and will be sent as an e-mail attachment to your e-mail address for an PayPal payment of 1 $ in advance.For sending the book,the e-mail address of the PayPal sender will be used.At the same e-mail address you can also order a personal prayer for the same PayPal amount if only 1$.To do that,please,state your prayer request in the body of the E-Mail.Since May 1st 2021,a book about the Return of Jesus in german language is available in german language for 1$.Its name is "Der Koenig am Ende der Zeit".Feel free to order in in the very same way.Now the book about the character of Jesus,"Christology" is also available in the same way for 2$.I am NOT selling trash here.Everybody doubting that I am an ordained evangelist can get a scan of my ordination certificate on request by E-Mail.Because I am a correct evangelist,this web site in not scam.