Six Avenues Of Profit!

How to Profit From Your Amsoil Business!

Personal Sales

As an AMSOIL Dealer, you purchase AMSOIL products at Dealer cost and then sell them at the suggested retail price. Your income starts building immediately with retail profits and commissions.

Building Your Sales Group

By offering others the AMSOIL opportunity and sponsoring them as Dealers you expand your market potential and maximize your profits. The commission value of your personal group is added to yours, increasing the percentage of your commission and giving you a larger commission check. The more Dealers you have in your organization, the more profit you earn. In addition to registering new Dealers, you may also wish to register Preferred Customers. Preferred Customers are people who are not necessarily interested in the AMSOIL business opportunity, but who may be in the future. The Preferred Customer Program allows such people to purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost.. A Preferred Customer has access to all AMSOIL, ALTRUM products at Dealer cost.

Catalog Sales

Retail catalogs are used by many of today’s most successful retail companies. AMSOIL Dealers can distribute AMSOIL Retail Catalogs to thousands of potential customers. Be sure to include your referral number on the back of each catalog you distribute. When customers order from your catalog, AMSOIL takes the order and ships the product. You receive the retail profits and commissions. 

Online Sales

AMSOIL Dealers may maintain and promote personal websites for their AMSOIL businesses. AMSOIL provides Basic Dealer Websites for $30 the first year, and a $20 annual renewal fee. Or you can build your own right here at All4webs at the top of this page. Dealers also have the option of building their own websites. There is no cost to link to the AMSOIL site, and the necessary links are detailed in the Dealer Zone (My Business > My Dealer Website > Link Your Site). Customers who want to purchase products and arrive at www.amsoil. com through a Dealer’s site are assigned to that Dealer. The Dealer then earns commissions on those sales.

Retail Account Sales

Retail accounts are retail outlets such as auto parts stores, hardware stores and quick lubes. These stores stock AMSOIL products to sell to their customers or install as part of a service. Once you’ve established a retail account, AMSOIL takes their orders, ships the product, sends invoices and collects payment. You receive the commission check. 

Commercial account

A commercial account is a business that has vehicles, equipment and machinery that use AMSOIL products. Again, once you’ve established a commercial account, AMSOIL takes the orders, ships the product, invoices the product and collects the payment. You receive the commission check. 

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