The Six Ways Of Earning As An Amsoil Dealer!

Dealer Program

The Dealer Program is for anyone initially interested in his or her own home-based business, or who becomes interested in the business opportunity after experiencing the benefits of AMSOIL products. That’s often the case for Preferred Customers. You earn commission credits every time one of your Dealers purchases or sells AMSOIL products. Rules of the Road Dealers must meet customers’ minimum service requirements by providing their contact information and ensuring requests for assistance are fulfilled promptly and efficiently. Dealers must uphold the image and reputation of AMSOIL by representing AMSOIL products, policies and marketing procedures in an honest and professional manner. Dealers should know their customers and not sell to anyone who is known, or reasonably known, to be reselling online, exporting, interfering with other Dealers’ customers or violating other policies. Likewise, Dealers have the responsibility to identify and report customers who are suspected of unauthorized activities. Dealers cannot sell product from their personal inventory to businesses with more than 12 retail outlets, businesses that distribute auto and truck supplies to retailers, businesses that distribute petroleum products or businesses that export outside the U.S. or Canada. No Dealer or customer may post AMSOIL product pricing online, including on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and forums. Dealers are expected to monitor customers for significant changes in business representing potential interference, online sales or exporting products. Before pursuing a prospect, Dealers must ensure the person or account is eligible and unprotected. “AMSOIL” may not be used in your business name, website URL, Facebook profile or other medium that might result in confusion for the public. Dealers must always identify themselves as independent AMSOIL Dealers anytime they are representing AMSOIL. Dealers are expected to understand all AMSOIL policies. Dealers are entitled to earn commissions for personal purchases and for products sold to customers and other Dealers in their personal group. Dealers pay an annual Dealer fee. AMSOIL charges Direct Jobbers a $25 monthly administration fee for processing commissions and servicing personal group Dealers.

Preferred Customer Program

The Preferred Customer Program is for customers who purchase more than $100 of product per year. Preferred Customers receive a copy of the Preferred Customer edition of AMSOIL Magazine with a special-edition wrap that explains purchasing instructions and program benefits. They then receive the P.C. edition of AMSOIL Magazine quarterly so they are kept up-to-date on AMSOIL products and industry news. Although Preferred Customers are typically "self service" and order what they need on their own, they still require follow-up by their Dealer to answer questions and to keep them using the products. The program also exposes P.C.s to the business opportunity, and this group of customers is the best source of potential AMSOIL Dealers. Rules of the Road Preferred Customers pay an annual membership fee. New P.C.s are eligible for a one-time six-month trial membership for $10. Preferred Customer pricing is approximately 25 percent lower than full retail pricing and 5 percent higher than Dealer pricing. Preferred Customers earn 1 point for every dollar they spend. Every 50 points earned is redeemable for $1 off a future order. Preferred Customers can purchase AMSOIL products for personal use, or for family and friends, but cannot resell them. Preferred Customer memberships are for individual customers and cannot be shared.


Commercial Program

The Commercial Program helps Dealers sell to businesses that use AMSOIL products in their company vehicles and equipment (delivery fleets, lawn & landscape professionals), but do not resell them. Selling to commercial accounts can require more technical knowledge. It is highly recommended you receive training beyond the basic levels of Dealer Certification before pursuing this market. Further participation in AU Online, attending AU Live, taking the home-study courses and working with experienced Dealers are all great ways to learn. There is no cost to register as a commercial account, and perks include purchase and freight discounts. You earn commission credits and cash commissions each time your commercial accounts place an order.

Rules of the Road

  • Dealers must ensure a prospective commercial account is eligible and unprotected before pursuing its business.
  • Dealers cannot sell AMSOIL products to a business that would qualify as a commercial account for less than AMSOIL commercial account pricing.
  • Commercial accounts are for business use; products may not be resold.
  • Dealers pay the registration fees on commercial accounts’ behalf to cover startup materials.
  • Dealers work with commercial accounts to establish communication frequency and ongoing customer service levels.

Personal Retail Sales Program

Personal retail customers are typically friends, family, acquaintances or neighbors. You purchase AMSOIL products at Dealer cost and keep the difference between Dealer price and the price at which you sell the products. Of course, you also earn commission credits on every purchase. Many Dealers start with this program as a means of cutting their teeth in learning to sell AMSOIL products. One person can only handle a limited number of personal retail customers, however. Some Dealers keep an inventory of products for their local retail customers, others simply place orders as necessary to service them. This program is right for Dealers who excel at personalized service and enjoy direct interaction with customers. Rules of the Road Dealers are not required to register their personal retail customers as accounts, but doing so is recommended to eliminate customer contact violations. Dealers are responsible for transferring commission credits when selling to Dealers on their sales team. Dealers cannot sell product from their home warehouse to retailers with more than 12 stores or to distributors with unknown distribution targets. Dealers must adhere to all online selling policies.


Online/Catalog Program


The Catalog Program is for customers who want to purchase AMSOIL products, but don’t want to sign up for anything. It’s perfect for customers who don’t live nearby or are willing to self-serve. They order online or through one of our catalogs and reference your referral number. You earn commission credits and retail profits on each sale. Online/catalog customers pay full price.

Retail Program (Stores/Repair Shops)

The Retail Program helps Dealers make AMSOIL products available through local retail outlets and service centers. This program makes AMSOIL products available to customers who do not want to participate in one of the other programs, or who want AMSOIL products installed for them. Accounts that carry AMSOIL products increase AMSOIL brand awareness and provide the initial education of customers who may eventually move into one of the other programs for lower prices, access to the full line or the business opportunity. You earn commission credits and cash commissions each time your retail accounts place an order.

Rules of the Road

  • Dealers must ensure prospective retail accounts are eligible and unprotected before pursuing their business.
  • No retail account may advertise AMSOIL product pricing online or in catalogs.
  • Businesses with 12 or fewer locations may have one account for all 12 or create individual accounts for each.
  • Businesses with 12 or more locations must register each location as a separate account. Each location must have the authority to place its own orders. Dealers may register up to 24 such accounts. In these cases, centralized shipping is not allowed and co-op credit is earned and distributed based on individual location performance, not combined for the group.
  • Dealers cannot sell AMSOIL products to a business that would qualify as a retail account for less than AMSOIL retail account pricing.
  • Dealers pay registration fees for retail accounts.
  • Dealers work with retail accounts to establish communication frequency and ongoing customer service levels.

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