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Welcome to the 1K Plan!!

1K Per Month Plan: Follow Instructions Exactly.
Exceptions: There will be some optional items offered in the plan.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee income of any kind and results will vary. You know that right? If you want a guaranteed income you know what to do right? OK, let’s get to it.

If you join our team (in DAY 1) you will need to send your link to Ben at [email protected] so your link can be added to the rotator. This video will explain how to find your affiliate links. Note that if you are joining TrafficWave as a free member you do not need to send your link because we only advertise for paid members.


DAY #1: Watch video/Join TrafficWave

    • Watch video below (If you haven’t already).
    • Get TrafficWave (TW) Autoresponder:  CLICK HERE.
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      Click the banner below to join via our ad rotator:
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DAY #2: Chill out! Pick Marketing Website.

DAY #3: Joining Safelists Click Here at the bottom of the page

  • You may consider this amazing tool to help you log in fast and keep track of your passwords securely LastPass
    • Post your ad at these sites as often as your level will allow!
    • Watch this video to protect your inbox from what is about to happen:

Link to post:
A) Your Matrix Buster Capture Page.
B) A custom capture page.
C) or to use my Co-op Page email me Click Here and request to be in my co-op with a page like this page click here .here i collect the leads and email them for you to our TEAM rotator.

DAY #4: Goal Setting

Beginning Goals (time to set some goals):

Ads Posted Daily – 20 (Don’t worry we will add more sites to make this happen).
Leads into TW Account Daily – 5
Broadcast Emails to List Per Week – 2
TW Sales Per Week – 1
Optional: Biz Opp Sales per Month – 2 (for people trying to build an additional business with their TW team)
Blog Posts Per Week – 3 (what do I post? We’ll get to that)
Safelists Added Per Week – 5

DAY #5: Join More Lists

How to make a capture page with TrafficWave & sheered campaign use those Autoresponder see Video below - Please use MY stup codes here: ID number: 430809    5Digit Code: 57462   
To Join ListAdProfits Click Here    here it is what my Capture page look like Click Here You copy what i have in my capture page

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