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 How to set-up for GDI  is good you advertise for your DL because if you help them they will pay you commission 5 levels deep - is good to place your GDI Downline in the rotator - if they get referrals you get paid and they keep the subscription.   
--If you want to see my recruiting GDI website using an AR Click Here or without an AR Click Here 
then to see the Set up I use for GDI Click Here

  How to set-up TEHB  If you wish to set-up TEHB Autoresponder Click Here

 How to Automate Traffic and Income Follow Steps Below 

Step 1  You must join a Rotator if you do not have a reliable one Click Here, It is Free and has a clocker also -
If you already have a rotator system use yours.

Step 2  Join TAB TrafficAdBar Click this Link Here if you are a member no need to re-join 

Step 3  Login to TAB TrafficAdBar click tab on top left ”Advertising” place your referal link or website (if you are with GDI the site like this: http://All4Webs.com/4/y/dannyc/home.htmyou have from your website or If you have the NewWaySurf Rotor that look like this http://www.newwaysurf.com/rotate.php?id=48548 use NewWaySurf Rotor and create your ad.

Step 4  TAB TrafficAdBar  gives you a special link similar to this: http://trafficadbar.com/_bpu2  

Step 5  Join any or all AutoSurfers listed on this page below, use different email other than your main one.

Step 6  Place the TAB TrafficAdBar special link similar to his http://trafficadbar.com/_bpu2 Into the auto surfers, traffic exchanges, safelist, banners, text ads and what you been using.

The purpose of advertising TAB special link is to create points in TAB.

Step 7  Start the auto surfers and you will earn credits free credits for TAB TrafficAdBar  and you will get hits and signups from TAB or any other place you are advertising the TAB link you created similar to this http://trafficadbar.com/_bpu2

Step 8  You can also surf TAB TrafficAdBar manually for 10 min per day it will not hurt

Below is how I advertise: 

1) I advertise the TAB TrafficAdBar special link this http://trafficadbar.com/_bpu2 I created from step3 in the Auto surfers for the purpose of creating points in TAB 

2) I advertise my domain http://ActionTeam.ws plain as it is in emails or safelist with only the GDI Team Rot.

3) I advertise NewWaySurf rotator this http://www.newwaysurf.com/rotate.php?id=48548 for reason of other TE to approve me – I place in any TE for multipurpose advertising reason, example in NWS Rot I have the GDI Team Rotator and AIOP capture page and a money maker.

Note  if you are member of eny of my sites NO need to re-join use your link with my method it works

 Strongly Recommended Autosurfer Below Very Effective to Create Points In TrafficAdBar 

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this is the image... see below for HTML source

TE Hitz



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 I use the autosurfers to create points in TAB TrafficAdBar  

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