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My name is Daniele Cianciulli, born in 1947 in Italy migrated to USA in 1970 became Born Again in 1981.

I am writing this letter website because I felt impelled by the Holy Spirit to do it – I feel I will be disobeying God to not let you know of this great business that I am member and one of the 38k founder.

I always prayed to God since he saved me to be able to help poor, widows and fatherless.

I been doing but not in the capacity and dream I had from God – I been for 5 years in the Philippines feeding poor, children and widows and bringing them to the local Pentecostal Church - anyone who like to donate CLICK HERE 

But in 2018 I got cancer in my voice box CLICK HERE read why I got cancer.

I came back to New York in Jan 2019 went to Mount Sinai Hospital in NY and they toke the cancer out including my voice box – NO more voice, but my heart it sings all the time praises to God for giving me Jesus.

As I was in my 4 walls room I found your program on TV and I was blessed greatly by your ministry I am now a member of your ministry – the Holy Spirit witnessed in my heart of the great work you are doing for the Cross and Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ CLICK HERE.

I always felt hurt in my heart when I was hearing Churces bagging its members for money, I cried to God on this matter as never liked churches squeezing people to give –

The church I was attending in Manhattan “Time Square Church” was founded by Pastor David Wilkerson in 1987. 

 At the time, Times Square was known as a center of X-rated films, strip clubs, prostitution, and drug addiction, the Pastor now is Carter Conlon, this Church never bag for money but yet they have missionaries all over the world -
The Mission of Times Square Church.

As I was in prayer I felt compelled to tell you about this internet business which will alleviate all your trouble of asking people for money - instead you will be able to sustain your ministries and all your people without impelling people to give – you will be giving to people – poor, widow, fatherless and Churches and the Lord will save all those whom He will call daily for his glory alleluia glory to his matchless name!!!!

This business I am talking about has the participation of many Born Again believers, my sponsor Christina Orcutt with her husband Marty are veteran of the Internet and Born Again see what they say about the founder of this business CLICK HERE

Please, Please, Please consider this website CLICK HERE and listen to this 1 ½ hour webinar you will be glad you did, you will thank me later this I know – this business right now it only cost to be a founder $97, but when it will launch in a few weeks it will be $997 to be a founder, please consider to get in NOW!

I know your ministries will be for many years to come till Jesus will come at the rapture as He has given you a blessed inheritance your son grandson and gran-gran children will follow your foot-steps too.

See my website also CLICK HERE
The Lord be with you and give you the vision of the future for all of us to harvest souls of men –
Acts 20:26-36
And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


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I am a real person and reply to all emails.