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Do Not Leave This Earth Without the Answer To The Questions Of This Life.

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Do Not Leave This Earth Without the Answer To Those Questions,  
The Law Admit No Ignorant;                  Imagine if God would, he reads the hearts of every man.


My purpose in handing you this study book is so that you may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that we may have the full riches of a complete understanding of the scriptures, in order that we may know the mystery of God in Christ, for Christ is God, and in Christ are hidden all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge. I say this to you so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments Col 2:2-4.
I know that if you seek the Lord with all of your heart, you will find Him Jer 29:13.
You started seeking for something the day you realized: I am on my own now. You remained neutral since you were born until you became man, or woman of decision then after that the searching started: school, home work, man and womanhood, marriage, problem, trouble, hard work, responsibilities, then a family, then the kids, hardship, the kids school and their future. Soon you realized that before you can accomplish what you had in mind, you are growing old, your hair are getting gray and your world is getting more and more in a mess. Now you start to wander: what is this all about? What is this life all about? Are people just born to pay tax and die? You must know that this life is just a puff of smoke and your life is like the grass; you are here today gone tomorrow; especially observing today world kingdoms with many promises and much uncertainty, with wars, disasters and terror, and much bloodshed, and people are treated as worth noting. You wonder, what is this world coming to? Do not worry, God is in control and prophecies are been fulfilled just as He had spoken by Apostles and Prophets. For the kingdom of this world shall become the Lords kingdom one day soon, for He sits King forever over men. He gives peace to those who trust in him, in the midst of a troubled world; tribulation and distress to those who are self seeking and do not obey the truth. As for you, make the right decision today, and He shall dwell with you by his Spirit till the end of your earthly days. The same Spirit who now lives in you shall introduce you into that everlasting kingdom prepared before the creation of the world. For all those whose mind is stayed on him and love him with all their heart; shall see his face! Isa 26:1-21, Col 3:1-17.
(Paragraph #1   What do you think about yourself?)
Did you ever ask similar questions or more than those questions to yourself? Well, whether you asked them or not, you can now have the answers you need to know for this life by reading and

studying this book, make sure you read every verse listed in this book.

Know that the law doesnt admit ignorance in this life; less God, for he reads our heart.
Please do not stop Reading yet:
What do you think about yourself? Do you think that you are here just to fill a space in this universe and that you are one among the zillion of people worth nothing, insignificant and of no use? For there are many others better than you? Do you think that thats the way you are and cant change? Do you think that you evolved the way you are and cannot do noting about yourself? Or do you think that you are a very important person and there is none better than you, and that you know it all and there is none smarter than you are? Do you think that you are here in this life, just to help humanity and that one day, what will be left of you will be only good memory about you, and everybody will talk about you and how good you have been? Do you think that you are a good person and because you are good, God will accept you? Do you think that you are just here to become famous and to enjoy this life and yourself, for you say: we only live but one life? Do you think that you are just here, filling a space in this circle of life and that after death who knows what you will become: maybe a cat, a dog, a fly, a bee or a cow? Do you think that after you die you are gone forever? for you say none has ever come back from the dead. Are you anyone of that personality above? Does any of those questions relate to you? If so, then, keep on reading this book to find out; for I assure you that you are here for much more then those questions are reflecting, For you work, move, act, accumulate and talk as if you will never die, why? Only God knows. Go find out be courageous do not fear! life and death is in your hands, Ecc 11:1to12:14.
(Paragraph #2  Creation and the reason for)
In Adam all die. In Jesus all live 1Co 15:21-22, & 45-49, Rom 5:12-21, 8:1-17.

You must know that in the beginning, God, by his Word, created the universe and all that is in it. He created all things in six days Ge 1:1-31. Nothing was made or created before or after; thus God completed the heavens and the earth with their entire vast array, Heb 1:2-3, Jn 1:1, Ge 2:1.

All that He created and made was for his glory and pleasure, Ps 19:1, 89: 5-8, Col 1:16.
Everything God made was created with a will that He would overrule Ps 89:9-11,
including the Angels who were created on the 4th day, Ge 1:16,De 4:19, Ps 148:1-5, Rev 12:4,9, Heb 1:14.
(Paragraph #3   The creation of man and why)
But, when God created Man he created him in his image and in his likeness Ge 1:26.
We are a special creation, we are created like God Ps 82:6, Jn 10:34-35, with a total free will and power; with a self will of procreation between a man and a woman only. Every born life is blessed by God and is to be a blessing to others, Ge 16:1-16. The reason for procreation was to multiply and populate the earth; so God could chose a people for himself; from the beginning of time till the End of time. After the 1st resurrection, there will be no need for procreation for God has fulfilled his desire and plan; which he had at the beginning of creation, he has completed the number of elect with which he will live with for all eternity. Isa 60:21, Eph 1:4-6, Mt 22:27-33.
(Paragraph #4  Adam the 1st Man is tested)
God gave man the earth and all that is in it, in dominion and power, with a specific order.
God said to Adam: eat every fruit of the garden, except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil for the day you will eat from it you will surely die; as planed, Adam failed the test of obedience as a result all man is now born in sin, for this reason all man must be tested in this life; The Human genealogy started from Adam unto whom the test of life was given Ge 1:27-31, 2:15-17. The name Adam means beginning of all human and because all men are like God, for we are all gods created very much independent from the creator God; decision had to be made either to serve God from the heart or to serve self.
(Paragraph #5  All are to be tested)
This is true for all mankind we all must be tested in this life, for the test will help us to make the final life decision, either for Gods glory into eternity, the reason we were created for; or for man glory which will last just in this life, or only for a season. The white throne judgment, prophesied by Enoch the seventh from Adam, is because we inherited Adams nature and are all gods of our own territory our body, with a will power to choose our own destiny, and therefore, we must give an account to God of the life he gave us when we were born, a life which He fashioned for us so that we would be able to find the real life, and that life is in his Son, so that through it all we would find Jesus the giver of eternal life, for Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one will go to the father but through Him; Jesus said, Come unto me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light; Jude 1:14-15, Rev 20:11-15, 1Jn 5:10-12, Jn 14:6-7, Mt 11:28-30. Jesus is the peace that passes all understandings Php 4:4-9.
If we miss Jesus we will miss eternity with God; for the man born once is appointed once to die, then be judged and sent to hell; but the man born twice is eternal for he will never die, for Gods seed lives in him, the hope of glory, and our inheritance
Act 17:26-28, Rom 5:12-21, Eph 2:3, Mk 7:20-23, Rom 8:5-17.
(Paragraph #6  You will be tested too)
Adam, Lucifer and the angels, all received the test of life; what makes you think it will be different for you? Your life on this earth will be tested in your time; do not go through the test on your own for you will fail; go through with Jesus for he passed the test of life for us, he will lead you by his Spirit into ways

everlasting till the end of this dark tunnel called life on this earth. You must know that God knew that Adam and all men would fail the test, that was the reason why God had the lamb prepared before the creation of the world.

Jesus is the last Adam who came in due time and passed the test of life for all men. Jesus is that Man who was tempted, tested and tried. He had no sin of his own nor he sinned, he went through the test of life for all men Jn 3:16-21.

Jesus defeated the devil for us on all grounds, even death was defeated and the grave was denied on Him, and now we are saved by his grace plus nothing, Eph 2:8-9.

(Paragraph #7 This Earth is a testing arena)
God created man to live for him and with him; but decision had to be made out of their hearts; for this reason God placed man on the earth the testing arena for Adam and all men, where the devil and the fallen angels are confined and in control of sinners; as God permits until the testing time is over. For the testing times is the pat to a total deliverance by the Lord.
Ge 3:22-24, 2Cor 4:4, Heb 2:14,1Jn 5:19,1Ki 22:19-23, Job 1:6-12, 2Tes 2:11;
For we as believers all must be refined as pure as gold to be able to enter His eternal Kingdom. For nothing impure will enter there. Mt 22:11-14, Rev 21:7-8, 27. We must know that when the number of the elect is complete, this world will become the kingdom of God and of his Christ. Rev 6:9-11; Rev 11:15.
(Paragraph #8 God purpose shall stand)
The Lord Almighty has sworn, surely, as I have planed, so it will be, as I have purposed so it will stand. It is a plan determined for the whole world; my hand of destruction is stretched out over all nations, to arm those who rebel on my Word and to Save those who abbey my Word. The Lord Almighty has purposed and who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out and who can turn back?
Isa 14:24-27, Ex 15:12, Job 30:21, Jer 23:9-40.
(Paragraph #9  In the End God will be All in All.)
This is how I explain the test given to Adam; otherwise it wont make sense, one man giving him a test? Why? I would have given the test when I had made at list 10 men and not to one alone. But because we all are included in Adam; even Jesus, for all men shall receive the same test in this life: and that is to serve God or self Lk 4:1-2.

For God out of all the people male and female born on earth who would decide from their heart to follow and serve him, will seal a people for himself in Christ Jesus the perfect type. Heb 2:5-18. For thereafter we will receive our inheritance the kingdom prepared before he created the world; all this shall be fulfilled after that God has placed his entire enemy under Jesus feet, and then God will be all in all. Ps 8all, Eph 1:22-23, 1Co 15:20-28.

(Paragraph #10  Salvation is for man alone.)
When we were born into this world we inherited Adams sinful nature, and the test must come to us through the sinful nature, thats the reason why Jesus had to be born, man like us, and suffer what we go through, to be able to save us to the uttermost Heb 2:14-18, 7:25-28. Jesus didnt come to save angels for they are all ministering spirits created for man to help them on the earth Heb 1:13-14.
(Paragraph #11  Lucifer his origin)
Lucifer was his name before he rebelled; he was in charge of all the angels; he would receive order from God, delegate to the angels and they would go to men; but there are no man yet, but God knew the outcome and show Lucifer what would have been on earth in the future. When Lucifer saw himself in such a power; and saw that God had given the earth to man; he became jealous of men and sinned in his heart against God saying: one day I will raise my throne above the stars of God and be like God.
Isa 14:12-15, Eze 28:1-19, Rev 12:7-9.
(Paragraph #12  The Devil, at God disposal not in hell yet.)
God been everywhere heard him and confined him to hell till a set time, but not in Hell yet, confined in prison at Gods disposal; when that time comes they will be thrown in Hell forever! Hell is beneath the earth. 2Pet 2:4-5, Jude: 6, 1Jn 5:19, Rev 20:10. Rev 12:4, 7:3. When the devil rebelled a third of the angels rebelled with him; God cast them on this earth, the testing arena for all men, where those angels are confined, for this is a dark world where evil spirits are ruling, but under Gods authority, and we must plea to God for our lives through Jesus, who died and raised again and seated at the right hand of God in heaven interceding for us.
2Cor 4:4, Rom 10:13, 1Jn 2:1-2.
(Paragraph #13  Religion attempting to riplace the Holy Spirit)
When Jesus ascended to heaven, the devil took a stand against the Lord through religions, which are attempting to replace the Holy Spirit. This is allowed by God because of the testing time for man. It shall continue to be so till Gods wrath is completed, then the power of the devil will be destroyed but not by human hand. De 13:1-4, Da 8:15-26, 11:36.
Jesus is confirming this to us when he said that the prince of this world is coming, he has noting with me Jn 14:30. The devil would be driven out of the heart of men by his death on the cross Jn 12:31-32. He also prayed to God for our protection in this evil world from the evil one till he would take us to see His glory, the glory he had before the creation of the world. Jn 17:15-26.
(Paragraph #14  The whole earth is invaded with fallen angels)
We must know that as of now the whole earth is invaded with fallen angels looking for a body to operate from; please let that not be your body, give it to Jesus today. Job 1:7-8, 1Pet 5:8-9, Rev 12:4, Lk 11:24-28. This invasion of fallen angels was and is permitted by God because of the testing time given to men in their generation which will end at Christ return, until then those angels are let loose to test men as God permits and see fit in his infinite wisdom for the benefit of those who obey his word and in the name of Jesus will be able to stand that test. Jas 1:2-18, Rom 8:28-30, But God will judge all those who disobey and follow their evil heart desire, Rom 1:18-32, 2Th 2:9-12, Mt 8:29. For God must test all men before they die; for men must decide for Gods eternal work of the cross; Jn 6:28-29, 8:23-24, or for our works of temporary glory and satisfaction. Isa 64:6-7, Gal 5:19-21. Decision shall be made before we leave this earth to pass into eternity, either hell or heaven. God is not responsible for our destination, for we shall all receive what our deeds deserves Rom 2:4-11. Dont depart from this earth into eternity without receiving the truth; that truth is Jesus Christ himself and his wonderful work of the cross. Jn 8:24.
(Paragraph #15 The Fallen Angels have the rights over man because of sin.)
Those fallen angels took the rights over man when Adam sinned for he received their sinful nature and transmitted unto us through the blood, this is clearly seen in those who have rebelled Rom 8:5-8. This was planed so men will have a choice Ge 3:22, God created myriads of angels but one man and he sinned, and God knew it all. He could have destroyed Adam and make another man, but he didnt why? Because he wanted that from one man all generation of men will come, for God to have a great verity of people from which he would chose a people for himself who will obey him from a sincere heart and live with him forever. Eph 1:3-14, 1Pet 1:9-12. For we know that the scripture says that Adam and Eve were placed in the Eden, but also Lucifer who later becomes the devil, was also placed in the Eden, Eze 28:12. In jealousy, because God loves man, and in the pride of his heart he said: I will raise my throne above the stars of God and I will be like God Isa 14:13; and I will defeat God by destroying the man he loves; so he went to deceive Eve the beginning of life, and through her deceived Adam from where all human come. Adam disobeyed God command, but this was not a surprise to God; for this had to take place for Adam had to be tested on how to know good and evil, either depending on God, or on his own efforts.
For if God will show us the bad it will become really bad; but on our own even the bad looks good and desirable, Ge 2:15-17, 3:1-7, Jas 1:13-18.
Is after the fall that God confined the devil and the fallen angels to this dark world the testing arena for man, the fallen angels are the testing tool for God, before man will die, So they will have a choice, 1Cor 1:20-25, 2Cor 4:3-6.
(Paragraph #16 We all die because of our sins)
In Ge 3:8-11 when God came in the cool of the day, He called to the man: where are you? for he hid himself because he disobeyed and sinned; and so we do the same, we hide our self from Him because of our sins; but I tell you no one will go to hell because of Adam sin, nor for the sins of our fathers, but instead everyone shall die for his own sins, for while the bad news is that we all have sinned and are worthy of death; the good news is that because of Gods great love, he gave his only Son for the world, that whosoever believed on him shall not perish but have everlasting life; he still calls us today; for he knows that whosoever sin becomes slave of sin, and eventually die spiritually, and loose

contact with God. Then following the physical death they will be waiting for the final judgment for be thrown into hell for ever with the devil and his angels; this is the second death.

Deu 24:16, Jn 8:34, Rom 5:12, 2Ch 6:36-39, Jn 8:24, Rev 20:6-14.
(Paragraph #17 Sin was planed by God)
You must know that sin is planed in the world by God, for it was and still is the occasion that God takes to show us the difference between good and bad, so we will know that without him we are powerless and in need of his help. For he is the one who created light and darkness; he did not created evil, but created disaster, so men can choose from right and wrong Isa 45:5-10, Lam 3:38, evil is created when we sin, for evil is the product of a sinful life, and even then God helps us anyway Ge 4:6-7, Jas 1:13-15, Job 11:12-20, Ps 27, Rom 3:5-8, 6:16. At all occasions of disasters, has been recorded that the people who are left behind, seek Gods face and he saves them, for the gospel on those occasions is received much gladly; disasters are created by God so the people will fear him; and also are signs of what is coming on this world in the end time. Exodus 12:12, records that God sent the angel of death and killed every firstborn of Egypt, man and animals; as a result the rabble of Israel and some aliens left with them too, Ex 12:38, Nu 11:4-5, De 31:12,Jos 8:35, I say seek him while he may be found  Isa 55:6.
(Paragraph #18 The sentence of the four agents)
Back in genesis He came and sentenced them: to the serpent said: cursed are you above all animals, you will crawl on your belly and eat the dust all your life, for giving your body to the devil to tempt Eve; and so cursed is any human who give the Lucifer his body to attack, tempt and make men fall Ge 3:14-15, Mt 18:7, Mk 14:21; and God said to the devil: the same seed of the woman will crush your head, meaning He will destroy you for ever Rev 18:21. To Eve said: I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing and your desires will be toward your husband, he will rule over you Ge 3:16. To Adam said: because you listen to your wife and disobeyed me, cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat out of it, and it will produce all source of trouble, and you shall sweat to eat the bread until you return into The ground where you were taken from. God Profetically started to unfold to Adam and his generation the redemption plan Ge 3:15.
(Paragraph #19)
God after the fall of Adam sealed all the angels, good and bad for when Lucifer rebelled, God gave all the angels a choice saying: dont you want to leave too, do you? a third of the angels left him, but the remaining angels decided to worship God and serve men who will inherit salvation, Jude:6, Jn 6:67, Heb 1:14. Gabriel received the authority over the good angels, God sealed their will; for they will always be good angels they will never turn bad. But as for the devil and his angels they were sealed evil, and one day they will forever be in hell prepared for them before the earth began, Mt 25:41, Rev 20:10. But until then we must walk by faith and endure, for all those who will endure till the End shall be saved Mk 13:13 for Jesus first must rob the devil of all the goods he stole from Adam when he sinned, which are the peoples heart, and then they will be thrown into hell forever; and seal the redeemed man for ever good into His eternal kingdom prepared before he created the world Mk 3:27-28, 1Co 15:53, 2Co 5:2-4. How many times did the angels sin? One time only, why? But men, how many times man can sin? Till he dies, God gives men a chance, why? Think about this one. Mt 18:21-22, Lk 17:1-5.
(Paragraph #20)
Understand that God knew that Adam would have failed the test;
and Lucifer would have rebelled and deceived Eve, and through her would deceive Adam 1Ti 2:14. For this reason God had those four preparations before He created the earth. The Lamb 1Pe 1:20, Heb 9:26, Rev 13:8. The Kingdom Mt 25:34. The Church Eph 1:3-14. Hell Mt 25:41.
You may ask: why God did it this way? Because he is God, a wise God who knows all things from beginning to End, He knew that through this mess we would have made of our lives in disobedience to Him; He could choose a people for himself.
So He started his family on earth from Abraham the father of faith, to the Israelites, to the Jews, to the Church, Christs bride who are people from every nation under heaven; who will worship God in spirit and in truth and give him glory from a sincere heart and serve him today on this earth during the testing time, and forever there in that kingdom prepared before the world was created. Isa 45:9, Rom 9:20, 2:4-5, Mt 25: 1-13, Mk 7:6-8, Mt 7:23,
Jn 4:19-24, Rom 6:17, Heb 2:5-18, Rev 5:9-14, 7:14-17.
(Paragraph #21)
Before the test went to Adam; God physically was seen by Adam in the cool of the day, talk with him and discuss things about the garden; but since he decided to know good and evil on his own, God physical presence is removed, but the Holy Spirit guidance remained; for no man can see God in this physical sinful body and live Ge 3:6-11, Ex 33:18-23, 1Co 15:50. After man sinned God sacrificed animals and with their skin covered them up, and taught them how to communicate with Him from now on Gen 3:21.
The meaning of this is that we must be clothed with His righteousness and not our own. And that we can talk to God only through Christ sacrifice and not by our own sacrifices 2Cor 5:21, Eph 4:20-24, Gal 3:26-27, Rom 13:14, Phi 3:8-9. Since God created Adam till he sinned and God cover them up; it might have passed three and half years, since Adam is the type of the One to come Rom 5:14, and since Christ started his ministry on earth at the age of thirty, Adam was the same when he was created; and since Jesus died for the sins of the whole world at thirty-three and half years old, Adam was in the Eden three and half years and then was tempted and sinned.
(Paragraph #22)
In Ge 4:1, we read that after this Adam lay with his wife Eve and Cain was born, then Abel was born; this also means that he had no sons before, but only after they sinned, until Seth is born he had other sons and daughters. I am sure that the first thing Adam taught his sons was how to talk with God; which was by offering God fat portions of the firstborn of the flock. Ge 4:4, 22:7, Lev 3:16, Num 18:17, 2Ch 29:20-35. We are instructed to train our child the way he should go; so Adam was instructed the same Pr 22:6, Eph 6:4; now Abel was obedient and give the first of the flock, while Cain in the course of time changed the type of offering and decided to give the first fruit of the field; but when he realized that God looked at Abel offering with favor, he realized that he had done the wrong thing, and so he became angry and downcast; but God came to convince him away from this evil act, for he was tempted. God went to him with those questions saying: why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is at the door waiting to attack you, longing to destroy you. But you can conquer it! Cain did not listen, for we read that in a later time he invited his brother to the field and killed him; right after he had killed his brother God asked him: where is your brother? He is still asking all of us today: where are your brothers? Their blood is crying out to me from the ground.
Ge 4:1-16, 9:6, 1Jn 3:12, 15, 4:19-21.
(Paragraph #23)
Since Abel died, no one sought the name of the Lord until Seth is born and to him is given a son named Enosh; and it is at this time that men begin to call on the name of the Lord. Thus from Seth the godly family, who seeks God’s favor and will for their lives Ge 4:25-5:5; and from Cain the ungodly family who seeks self glory and self satisfaction, Ge 4:17-22. The Saved and the unsaved, the children of God and the children of the devil Jn 8:42-47.  
From Seth comes the generation of the sons of God who had the Holy Spirit as he was with Adam after he failed; that same Holy Spirit is with the Church today. God toke that Holy Spirit out of men in the rebellion before the flood, He was sent back again after the cross and ascension of Jesus; He was sent back at Pentecost into this world to live in the hearth of born again believers, to guide them through their pilgrimage on earth through their testing time Ge 6:3, Jn 16:7-16, Act 2:1-4, 32-33.
From Cain comes the generation of the sons of men who are left on their own; this is the generation of the people of this world outside Gods kingdom who are restless and wander on this earth, with no joy, sleepless nights and no life direction.
For God has hidden His presence from them until they will call on the name of the Lord in repentance and faith in his Son Jesus.
1Jn 5:19, Jn 12:13-16, Ps 118:21-29, 1Pe 2:4-12.
(Paragraph #24)
Those two generation; Cain and Seth increased greatly upon the earth Ge 4:5-14. It came to past that the generation of Seth disobeyed the Holy Spirit of God; for when we read that the daughters of men were beautiful; actually those men were attracted by their body exposed before them, just as it is today in our cities streets; and the sons of God wanted to marry them, but Gods Spirit was strafing with them saying: no, you cannot intermarry with them. Ge 6:2-3 2Cor 6:14-18. They willfully disobeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit, and the Lord said: my Spirit will not strife with man for ever, for he is mortal, meaning he is sinful and God will not strife with a mortal man, but only with the regenerated one. His days will be a hundred and twenty years. God at this time toke his Holy Spirit out of man and set the max span of time for man to live on this earth; that is the max span of time to repent, for there after to appear before him and give an account to God of their lives. After the 120 years of Noah preaching. God destroyed all flesh in the flood except 8 people and seven pairs of every clean animal. The same is with us today; If we do not learn to listen to the voice of the Spirit through His Holy Word and learn as Christians to live by the Spirit, the devil will always tempt us through our flesh causing us to fall, for he has rights and power over us through the sinful nature, but a power limited by God. But if when we fall we call on the name of the Lord Jesus, He will come in our aid and pull us out of any situation and set our feet up on a solid rock to stand; and teach us how to walk in the Spirit so we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh, but if we disobey then sin is at the door and longs to destroy us, Ps 40:1-5, Rom 8:12-14, Gal 5:16-26, Rom 2;4-11.
One hundred and twenty years before the flood, Noah found favor with God for he was blameless in his time, and he comforted God from this evil that came upon this earth in the year 1536 Ge 6:8; and to God was not a surprise, for He knows all things; and even so He was grieved, for God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Job 42:2,1Jn 3:20, Eze 33:10-11; God preserved the seed of the woman Ge 3:15,
from Adam to Seth to Noah to Shem to Abram. Ge 5-6:9, 9:18-19, 10:1, 11:26.
(Paragraph #25)
We must understand that when Adam sinned he gave all his rights and the dominion of this world over to Satan and he became the prince of this world
Ge 25:29-34, Jn 8:34, 14:30, Lk 4:6-7. God couldnt come to the devil and take it away, for he received from Adam when he sinned in the time of his test, for Adam received his evil sinful nature when he willfully disobeyed, and God could not violate their will, nor will He violate ours today; for we move and act up on our total free will and choice, independent from God. Further more the promise is for those who obey; for unless we repent from the heart and freely obey Gods word, no changes will take place in our heart, Dt. 28:1-14, 1Ki 8:46-51, Rom 6:17.
When Jesus came to this earth, he not only came to restore the dominion that Adam lost Lk 10:19, 12:32; he also came to give us a new heart, a heart of flesh that will seek God diligently Eze 36:24-29.
(Paragraph #26)
In Heb1:1-14 we read that God spoke about his salvation plan to our forefathers through all the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe; His name is Jesus who is the radiance of Gods glory the full representation of his being, by which he sustain all things by his powerful word. Who after he had provided Purification for our sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. Lk 24:27, Jn 1:45, Mt 1:22-23, Ge 3:15.
(Paragraph #27)
Jesus is the promise seed of the woman who crushed the head of the serpent by His sacrificial death on the cross, and is able to redeem all men from the sinful nature that entered human when Adam sinned Mt 1:21, Seth is the chosen generation of that seed Lk 3:38; when in genesis six they disobeyed God. Because of the promise, God called Noah to preach for 120 years; the max time given to men on earth to repent before will die and depart from this world, for is appointed to men once to die, and after that to face God in judgment of what they could have done while on earth the testing field; but they chose not to do; and that is believing the work that God has done Jn 6:29, to be able to receive a new heart and do works that he will accept, the ones prepared for us in Christ Jesus in advance, for God wants our full dependency on Him and not on our self Eph 2:10. 
(Paragraph #28)
Noah after the flood landed in a world judged by the water with his three sons by whom God populated the whole earth. God preserved the seed of the woman for the promise to come from Adam to Noah to Shem to Abraham Lk 3:34-38. When God called Abraham that all generation of people was corrupted into idolatry and all kind of promiscuity defiling themselves and so has been through out every other generation past; this has taken place because of sin that is ruling the heart of man, and God knew all about them and their ways and what they would have done Lev 18. That is the reason of the lambs they had to offer in sacrifice for their sins in every generation, which was the type of the Messiah, for while placing their hands on the slain animal they were looking to the Messiah, confessing their sins believing by faith in the blood of that innocent animal. Lev 4:28-31 Jn 8:56,12:41, Heb 11:4. The law was given to keep them till the seed would come, who is Jesus the graceful gift of the all earth. Adam and all of us willfully sinned against God, but God willfully give His only Son for all of our sins, what a great love!
Ge 3:21, 4:1-5, 8:18-22, 12:7, 15:8-21, Ex 12:3, Job 1:4-5, Jn 3:16-17.
(Paragraph #29)
Since Adam sinned God did not live with man and inside of man any longer; but by His Spirit would only strive to gain them to trust in him till the rebellion, when they married in disobedience and God called Noah to preach till the flood come and destroyed them all Ge 6:1-13. After the flood Noah got drunk and sinned and the Spirit of God left him Ge 9:20-21. Canaan his nephew is cursed, which means the descendants of those who sin will pay the consequence and suffer the loss; Jer 18:5-10, Heb 11:31, Dt 28:45-48.
(Paragraph #30)
After the flood, Nimrod son of Cush, nephew of Ham, became a mighty hunter before the Lord, and he taught that God had called him to lead the people, but he was not called. Nimrod led the people to build a tower to try to reach God, but not by God original plan, the blood of lambs; but by their efforts, this is the same sin of Cain who offered God in the course of time the fruits of his efforts and not the firstborn of the flocks. Nimrod led the people to the confusion of language and the dispersion over the all earth; this is the type of all false religions whom the devil is the author. All religions are trying to reach God on their own terms and efforts but God is neither pleased nor satisfied with their efforts, nor will he accept their selfish terms. Ge 10:6-12, Gen 11: 1-9, Rev 17:5.
(Paragraph #31)
What they feared before the tower of Babel is what they got, the same way will be in the End time; man fear that God will destroy this earth, or that the pollution of gasses will cause the ozone to brake, causing the sun to burn the earth; and thats what they will get. But the real truth is that God will not destroy the earth to disappear, rater it will be burned and purified by the fire, which will burn all the filthiness and impurity that men has done. God will also destroy the ungodly from the earth, and Sodom and Gomorra are set as the example of what will happen to this earth in the End time, for God will sent the fire from heaven and devours his adversary. It will not be an atomic bomb Ge 19:24, 2Pet 2:6, 2Pet 3:3-7. 
(Paragraph #32)
400 years after the flood, 2000 years from creation, God called Abraham. Why? God needed a man to sign a covenant with man and he waited until Abraham is born, the friend of God who obeyed his voice in the midst of a confused world, so God could bring his promised salvation down to man and sign a covenant of promises in his seed with man; and not his seeds speaking of many but of one seed who is Christ, the blessing of the all earth, in Christ all the promises that are written in the Bible can be ours. Ge 12:1-3, 21:12, 25:5-6, 26:2-4, 28:13-15, Jn 4:22, Gal 3:16, Act 7:1-50.
(Paragraph #33)
God gave Abraham two test: the 1st test was to leave his father household and depend fully on God, looking for a better city. Ge 12:1, Heb 11:9-10, 13-16. The 2nd was the test of faith, to trust fully in God even unto death and to the resurrection of the dead,
Gen 22:1, Heb 11:11-12, 17-19. Israel was tested in the desert so they could see what was in their heart, along with many other people too.
Ex 15:25, 16:4, 20:20, Dt 8:2,16, 13:1-3, Jdg 2:22-3:1-5, Ps 66:10, Isa 48:9-11. Even the words of the Lord are purified seven times Ps 12:5-8.
What about the story of Hezekiah, when he was oppressed by his enemy he prayed with the prophet Isaiah and God answered their prayer and destroyed his enemy. But in those days his heart became proud and he became hill, but he prayed to the Lord and gives him a miraculous sign and healed him. The Lord humbled his proud heart when he tested him, v31 for to do good and for his benefits in the end 2Ch 32:10-32, Isa 38.
We have heard of Job how God tested and refined him like gold. We say, he was blessed because God dealt with him. But in the end of his test he was able to say: My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes. Job 7:11-21, 23:10, 42:5-6. Same is for all men; we all must undergo two tests in our life time: 1st test is to decide for God or for ourselves, just as Adam had to decide. The 2nd test will be the test of our faith like Abraham, so we can graduate for eternity. Know that every single individual that say: I have faith in God, he shall be tested. There is no untested faith, our faith will be tested by every single thing that hell has; we must be tested and tried. The scripture says, how precious is the trial of our faith Job 33:1-30, Jas 1:2-15.
(Paragraph #34)
The 1st test that every men will receive is to believe the work of the cross and Come out of the world and follow Jesus into a better city whos builder is God. Mt 16:24-28, Lk 9:57-62, Mt 19:16-30. For all those who respond to Gods call are warned to come out of the world and be separated unto the Lord, for the world is still building the tower of Babel; know that the world is confused concerning God.
Isa 52:11, Tit 2:11-15, Jas 4:4, 1Jn 2:15-17, Rev 18:4-5.
The 2nd test is the test of our faith that is to place all our trust in the work of the cross that is to trust in Jesus, who is the author and perfector of our faith. Know that trouble, trial and testing time is not an indication that God is displeased with us; on the contrary, He loves and cares for us. Ps 94:12-13, 1Co 11:15, PAGE 15 Those times are the probe of the strength of our faith. The higher is the trial, the stronger will be our faith; rest in those terrible times is the evidence that we have faith. Spending time in prayer and meditation, will teach us and perfect us as we go trough our life experience with him, Jesus said come to me, learn of me for I am gentle and lowly in heart. Zec 13:9, Mal 3:1-4, Heb 12:1-2, Jas 1:12-13, 1Pet 1:3-9, 2Co 1:3-11, Mt 11:25-30.
(Paragraph #35)
We must trust even to the point of death and of the resurrection from the dead for he is the very life, and one day all the dead in the graves will hear his voice and come to life again, those who have done good believing the work that God has done will raise to life everlasting, and those who have believed in themselves and walked in the pride of their heart following their ways and done evil will also rise, but to be condemned in hell for ever Jn 11:25-26, 5:28-29, Rom 2:1-11, Rev 20:15. Jesus is the work that God has done, the plan of salvation for all men, for there is no other name under heaven by which we maybe saved, the seed of the woman who crushed the head of the devil, for Jesus came alive out of the grave, death could not hold him in there. Jn 6:29, Act 4:12, Ge 3:15, Isa 7:14, Lk 24:36-49, 1Co 15:51-57.
(Paragraph #36)
Abraham saw the day of the cross, the day the Messiah would die for the sins of all people, and he looked forward to it rejoicing Ge 22:10-18, Jn 8:56; we too must look back to the cross were our Savior died for our sins and those of all people, for if his blood washes us we will be as white as snow. Let us rejoice in the Cross and praise his holy name, for because of the Cross of Calvary our names are written in heaven and we can Rejoice in it, for one day we will exchange the Cross for a crown, for Jesus is our glory and eternal life. Isa 53:1-12, Mt 1:21-23, Lk 10:20, 1Co 1:26-31, Jer 9:23-26,Isa 1:18-20, Ps 96:9-12, Php 4:4, 1Jn 5:20.
(Paragraph #37)
While the Old Testament people looked forward to the cross, we are looking back to the cross. All men will get the chance of the first test: that is to believe on the work of the cross; for Jesus is the only Son of Man who went trough the test of life victorious for all men. Confidently look to him when tested on this earth, for that is the portion assigned to you and He shall not fail you, for He has not failed anyone yet, nor he will fail anyone who diligently seek him with the whole heart, soul, spirit and mind for this will be our inheritance and eternal life.
Isa 28:16, Rom 9:33, 10:11-15, 1Pet 2:4-12, Lk 10:25-28.
(Paragraph #38)
After we have believed in the work of the cross, it will come the test of our genuine faith, and from there on, it will be a continuous life test till we pass on the other side and receive the crown of life; for it is in the testing time that we will be refined as pure as gold, and know that God is real and that he is working in and through us, helping and delivering us from all our life trouble, for without holiness no one will see the Lord. We will enter his rest when we see that he is working on our behalf. That is the rest we must enter into now; knowing that we will receive an unshakable kingdom.
Jn 8:24, 31-32, 2Co 13:5-9, Jas 1:2-5, 12,Heb 4:1-13, 12:14-29.
Not believing the work of the cross is to sin against the Holy Spirit and either in this age nor in the age to come we will be forgiven. Mt 12:30-37, 1Jn 5:16, Ex 23:20.     
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