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$50 Instant Rebate To The Next Seven People To Join and $50 When My Second Level Has 50 People

From $500 To Million$ Exponentially!

In Just Three Easy Steps...Yes, Even If You Do Not Invite Anyone To

Participate With Friendly Like-Minded People

In This Voluntary Activity

 Dear Friend,

Thank you in advance for receiving and reading this invitation to join us in a Voluntary Activity of enjoyable giving and receiving cash, lottery tickets and Forever postage stamps. Here’s how in three easy steps.

  1. Complete the form below and make 3 copies of the whole page.

  2. Send 1 copy, 2 Forever postage stamps, 1 new $1 lottery scratch-off ticket and amount shown to the name on Levels 1 and 2.

  3. Send one copy, 5 stamps and $220 to: Milton V Shaw (monitor)

When I receive your gifts your name goes on Level 1, I will send you a master copy and start to distribute circulars for you until you have ten participants on your first level even if you do not invite anyone. Each time you receive a cash gift your name will go to Level 2 then level three through seven levels. You’ll receive cash gifts from each new participant. Send cash or money order to the name as instructed. Wrap a copy of this page around the cash and mail it with two Forever postage stamps, a new $1 scratch-off lottery ticket and amount shown to the names on levels one and two.

This Voluntary Activity has a ten by seven forced matrix system. Ten invitees on your first level by seven levels high. 10x10x10x10x10x10x10 = over one billion stamps, unscratched lottery scratch-off tickets, names and the equivalent in cash for you with a full matrix. You can be receiving oodles of cash, stamps, names and tickets daily for years to come. No lottery stores near you? No problem. Send $1 instead of a ticket.

Participate now. Send one copy of this page, five stamps, 1 ticket and $220 ($200+$20 cash gift) cash or money order in one envelope now to: Milton V Shaw, 823 Willoughby Ave 1B, Brooklyn New York 11206.

Email: [email protected] Website:

Level 7 Send $100 cash gift to:

Level 6 Send $50 cash gift to:

Level 5 Send $50 cash gift to:

Level 4 Send $50 cash gift to:

Level 3 Send $20 cash gift to: Milton V Shaw, 823 Willoughby Ave 1B, Brooklyn New York 11206

Level 2 Send $10 cash gift to: Mike Golden, 175 San Angelo Avenue #F, Santa Barbara Ca 93111-2244

Level 1 Send $5 cash gift to: Mr Michael Basdeo, 157 Preston St, Hartford Ct 06114



City, State & Zip:____________________________________________


Here ye! Here ye! Seek ye first within.

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