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Milton V Shaw

54 Willoughby Ave

Brooklyn New York 11206

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Dash for Cash details


Milton V Shaw * 454 Willoughby Ave * Brooklyn New York 11206

Email: [email protected]

Dear Friend,

Whoa! the response to ‘Dash For Cash’ is like a Black Friday. But it would not be fair to the people responding by snail-mail because all who respond will/did not receive the offer on the same day. Email responses will always be received before responses sent by snail-mail in any given day. So what am I to do? Relax, I ‘ll think of something.

In a moment you will be making a 3-second dash for a pen or to your computer if you are not already at your computer. No. I am not a psychic or cocky but so excited about the Media Networker program. In the mean time here’s the scoop.

I will give $10 instantly to each of the first ten people and $5 instantly to the next ten people to join Media Networker program with me. As soon as I know that you have signed up I will put $10/$5 into your account or mail it yo you. Yes, you read that right.


The $10/$5 is just a smidgen of a token to show my appreciation for you joining Media Networker. But look at the bigger picture of what you could expect by referring ten or more people to Media Networker. That my friend should cause you to make a split-second dash for cash now.

And now comes the sticky question. What about those people who do/did not make the first ten but would have signed up if they had? Looks like I have placed myself between a rock and a hard place. But you know what, that sticky question had me rethinking the offer and I realized that the first ten is not the end of the offer but just the beginning that had opened the door for the next ten or more interested people. Here’s why…

When I caught the vision of the Media Networker plan I decided to personally refer 38 or more interested people then help them to build their first level. So this is what I will do. I will give $10 instantly to each of my first 38 referrals who join Media Networker with me. And I will give $5 instantly to each of my next 380 referrals who join Media Networker with me. How do you like them apples?

So if you accept my offer, visit ( ) No internet? No...prob...lem. Request the Media Networker’s 8-page mailer and complete the registration form according to instructions and mail it. Then look out for $10 or $5 from me. This Dash For Cash offer ends at my 418th personal referral. Thank you with all the best wishes for you.



--------------------------------------------8-Page Mailer Request Form-----------------------------------------

[] Send the Media Networker’s 8-page mailer to:


Street/P O Box #:______________________________________Apt/Suite #_____________

City, State & Zip Code:________________________________________________________



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