What To Look For When Choosing An Influencer Marketing Agency

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As interest in influencer marketing has increased over the past several years and so have the number of agencies that claim to assist brands in getting it completed. Finding influencers can be a challenge. It requires a significant amount of time to evaluate them, train them, execute contracts with them, pay them and make sure they complete their assignments. It's no surprise that some brands might want to outsource it to experts.

The next step is to decide how to pick from the numerous generalist and specialist agencies that claim they can help. Here are eight guidelines that will help you distinguish the professionals from the novices and make your search easier for the right influencer agency. The best method for promoting influencer marketing is joe sinkwitz intellifluence.

Joe Sinkwitz Experience

Influencer marketing is almost 15 years old now So, many agencies have plenty of knowledge. Asking for research studies on your industry and your intended outcome (i.e. website traffic, in-store sales etc.) This is a great place to begin building relationships with others.

Criteria for Influencer Selection

In the past the process of finding an influencer typically involved finding someone who created content related to your industry and who seemed to fit the branding joe sinkwitz intellifluence. Today, we can actually examine the composition of an influencer's followers to make sure their audience is compatible with that of the brand's target audience. To make sure that it's not too high, we can examine their saturation rate (the amount of content created by them that is sponsored). We can check whether they've mentioned rivals in recent posts. It is possible to determine whether their language is safe for brands or not.

It's not right to use "brand fit" since there are numerous advanced filtering techniques that are available today.

Content Evaluation Criteria

Our influencers have produced tens to thousands of pieces branded content over the past several years. We found that each piece of content is different. Unsurprisingly, some content works, and some content does not, much like the content produced by a brand or its agency for creative.

In light of the varying performance What is the process used by the agency to examine each piece of content after it is live to gauge performance?

Content should be scored according to the organic results it has in terms of shares, likes or shares however, it's also crucial to review those comments to be on the lookout for indications of unauthentic, off-topic, or paid-for comments.

Targeting Strategy

An agency for marketing that promises to manage, brief and find influencers on behalf of a brand isn’t adding any value to modern-day marketing. doesn’t add much.

Organic influencer content is viewed by a certain subset of the followers of the influencer (usually approximately 9% according to our experience, however it varies depending on which social networks are utilized).

Because no agency or brand can determine which 9% of people are viewing the content, what's the agency's strategy to ensure that the content is seen by the intended audience of the brand? The content that is highly effective as assessed in Step No. 3. The content could be further improved by a paid strategy in order to reach the appropriate people.

Measurement Strategy

The measurement of influencer marketing by influencers is worthy of separate articles about the topic. One of the most important questions to influencer-marketing agencies is how they measure impressions from the content. Do they count one impression per follower an influencer has? Based on the estimated organic reach of 9, this means they are overstating reach by more that 10 times. Are they able to provide only the real content?

Additionally, engagement rate and reach are not directly tied to sales, therefore measuring engagements or impressions is not sufficient. What other metrics can an agency measure rather than other metrics that are not considered vanity? There are numerous advanced measurement techniques available today. These methods can be used by many agencies.

Optimization Strategy

Many influencer campaigns depend on the influencers who create their content according to a schedule and then monitoring for changes. But every other form of digital marketing is optimised typically daily to ensure maximum the effectiveness of the campaign.

The possibility of optimizing influencer marketing is there also. Everything from content and post types to targeting to even the influencers can all be adjusted. What is the agency's optimization plan?

Content rights

This branded content is an investment of a significant amount by the brands. Different agencies work out various agreements with influencers about the rights the brand has to the content. The best deal is for brands to be granted a perpetual licence that permits them to reuse content on all platforms. Contact the agency to inquire about the rights your brand could enjoy when using the content.

Guaranteed Results

In the end, what results can the agency be able to guarantee their clients who are brand owners If any? Do they promise deliverables such as the number of influencers and the number of pieces of content that will be created? Are they able to promise more, like traffic volume for a particular website? What happens if they fail to meet these promises? What are the options for companies?

Although guaranteeing sales is extremely difficult in most agency relationships, influencer agencies are expected to be able guarantee certain specific outcomes around true views, engagements, or traffic.


Selecting an agency of any sort is a difficult undertaking, as one can start to sound very similar to another. When you begin the conversation by using these eight key guidelines, you'll be able to narrow the choices to select the most suitable subset to drive strong results for your business.

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