WoW Classic: World of Warcraft 1.13.6 Patch Update

Patch 1.13.6 ushered in another update, this time mainly about "God of War" Patchwick. Patch 1.13.6 is the last big patch in the 1960s and will be released with the NAXX group version of P6. Before the changes, some hunters can enjoy the world BUFF strength bonus, warlock DoT mechanism adjustments, etc. This is the second update of the 1.13.6 patch. Let's look at the details below.To get more news about buy wow gold eu, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
Let me talk about the peculiarities of the Boss of Patchwick. Patchwick is called the God of War in the 1960s because he is a standard standing shield, with comprehensive requirements for tank strength, DPS speed, and healing ability. In particular, DPS, as a standard model, is a benchmark for testing the output of single-player PVE in nostalgia. Regardless of the official or various private servers, the so-called single-player ranking is based on the output of Patchwick, which represents the extreme DPS of the 1960s. As strong as violent warfare, Patchwick can easily reach 1700+ DPS.

The first is the substantial enhancement of Patchwick, because the PTR test suit is less frequently released than normal in the past. The direct impact is that the total damage of the tank, especially the auxiliary tank, increases, and the treatment pressure is greater. Before, there was a normal way of playing that was to arrange two deputy tanks to take hate blows. Now that the frequency increases, it may increase to three.

The second one is weakened, just like some BOSS will suddenly; this is a normal BUG repair.

The third article is very important, representing the end of hunter kite tactics. In fact, this change has existed in the past, but it will be very late, at least after the Hunter Kite Incident, now the change is greatly advanced.

Hunter kite Patchvik is one of the most amazing innovations in the 1960s. This tactic does not use any bugs, no auxiliary software, any special BUFFs and potions. It only relies on the hunters’ individual abilities and the collective cooperation to transform the boss Kite to the spider zone for walking. Because Patchwick is a BOSS with very high hardware requirements, the Hunter Heavenly Group, as a wasteland exploration artifact, usually has to remember a great deal. Now there is no shortcut, and the hunter's low status is about to decline further. Although for example, players can still upgrade their equipment by Purchasing Cheaper WOW Classic Gold to increase their combat power. Hope you have a good game!