A WoW Classic DDOS appears to be underway, severely affecting the usability of the game's servers. While news of this World of Warcraft DDOS is picking up steam, it also appears that other Blizzard games are being affected as well with several Redditors reporting an Overwatch DDOS taking place at the same time.To get more news about buy wow mounts, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

A submission on the /r/classicwow subreddit highlights the distributed denial-of-service attack that is reportedly being conducted by the hacker group UkDrillas, an organization that also claims they've attacked Twitch and Wikipedia within the last 48 hours.

Although the World of Warcraft DDOS seems to be heavily affected Blizzard Entertainment's flagship MMORPG, several threads on the /r/Overwatch subreddit (first, second, third) are reporting that Overwatch may also be affected by the WoW DDOS.
Several players (myself included) have reported incredible spikes in their latency and others are having problems connecting to the servers at all. This Overwatch DDOS could be the work of the same group, but it may also simply be a side effect of their claimed attack on the World of Warcraft servers or another hacker group electing to act at the same time.
A similar attack carried out against Blizzard Entertainment resolved in May of last year when a Romanian hacker by the name of Calin Mateias had to pay $29,987 for damages and received one year in prison. Although he was not based within the United States, he was extradited to Los Angeles.