World of Warcraft players are no strangers to working together as a community. This fellowship even extends outside the game when it comes to events like donating for Blizzard's annual charity drive. With the details for this year's Charity Pet Program being revealed back at BlizzConline 2021, heroes have already reached the goal for one reward: Bananas the battle pet.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

In the past, Bananas could only be obtained by redeeming a code on the King Mukla card from the World of Warcraft trading card game expansion 'Through the Dark Portal.' As the TCG is now defunct, Bananas became much rarer over the years as it regularly went for upwards of several hundred thousand in-game gold on the Auction House or its black market version. Fortunately, players have already donated $500,000 USD to Doctors Without Borders in several days which means everyone can now adopt their own Bananas for free.
To get Bananas, players must first log into the Blizzard Shop. This can be done through an online browser or via the Battle.Net client. Once logged on, use the left and right arrows to navigate through different banners near the top of the page until the Charity Milestone reached message appears. Alternatively, players can press the pause button in the upper left corner to stop auto rotating of the banners and press the third tab under the banners to automatically switch it to the Charity Drive.

After clicking the 'Claim Yours Today' button, players will be taken to another page with details about the promotion such as Bananas only being available to use in retail World of Warcraft. Once again click 'Claim Free' and then 'Claim Now' on the following confirmation screen. At this point, Bananas will automatically be added to the player's pet journal the next time they log into a character on that account.

Because Bananas will be redeemable from the Blizzard Shop until August 1st, be wary of other players trying to offload TCG copies of this battle pet for gold on the Auction House or through trade chat. On the other hand, it is possible prices for Bananas will go back up after the promotion is over, so purchasing a few at their cheapest may be a decent investment in the long run.

Finally, players should keep in mind there is still a second battle pet, Daisy, that will be given out if total donations to Doctors Without Borders reaches $1,000,000 USD by April 26th. Since it only took 3 days to reach the halfway point, everyone can expect to claim Daisy soon and do Mythic+ dungeons, raid Castle Nathria, or PvP in the meantime.