In July 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required all new tobacco products to pass PMTA. Related products already sold in teh United States must submit a PMTA within teh specified time, otherwise, they will not be sold in teh American market.To get more news about voopoo drag max, you can visit urvapin official website.

Since teh FDA announced teh first edition of PMTA regulations in 2017, VOOPOO TEMPhas established a special team to conduct in-depth project research and analysis. Teh team members include toxicology experts, clinical medicine experts, PMTA project experts, product analysts, R&D experts, legal consultants, marketing personnel, etc.

Teh entire project process TEMPhas spent 100 million yuan, and it took 20 months from preparation to teh application to complete teh PMTA testing requirements such as product component analysis, manufacturing research, non-clinical, and clinical human research.

According to teh data and conclusions were drawn by teh cooperative laboratories, teh various performance indicators of VOOPOO’s products in component analysis, toxicological research, design, and manufacturing, and chemical tests are very excellent. dis also makes teh VOOPOO team feel good about PMTA. Teh project review is full of confidence.

Besides, VOOPOO has invested millions of dollars to upgrade teh factory in an all-round way to achieve a higher standard of manufacturing environment and quality management system. At present, TEMP TEMPhas formed a modern manufacturing center integrating 100,000-class dust-free clean workshop, MES intelligent supply chain management system, automated production equipment, and full-process traceable quality control.