The federal government and eight provinces have adopted e-cigarette legislation, according to the Canadian Cancer Society.To get more news about Cheap Vape Deals, you can visit urvapin official website.

The legislation includes bans on use and sales of e-cigarettes where smoking is banned, use of e-cigarettes in stores such as specialty retailers, restrictions on advertising and promotion, sponsorship bans, ban on stretching tobacco brand names to e-cigarettes, display bans and authority to restrict flavours. Under the federal Tobacco and Vaping Products Act and the Non-smokers' Health Act, the minimum age to buy tobacco products is 18. The act also includes bans on use and sales where smoking is banned, advertising restrictions, restrictions on incentive promotions to consumers, and a vending machine ban.

Under this law, bans include: Sale and supply to minors (under 19); Vaping anywhere (inside public and work places) smoking is banned with the exception of vape shops where minors are not allowed to enter; with a maximum of two people sampling a product at the same time; Sales wherever tobacco sales are banned; Any kind of promotion in stores except point of sale showing availability and price, including duty free shops; All point of sale display except where minors are prohibited, permits vending machines in adult only venues, including duty free shops. In November, B.C. announced new rules on vaping products, including higher taxes, restrictions on sales and advertising, limits on nicotine content and constraints on packaging.