Vape Starter Kits

A vape kit is great for anyone new to vaping. Even experienced vapers can be a little overwhelmed with all of the different mods, options and devices available. The good news is that many manufacturers – including industry leaders Smok, Vaporesso, Suorin, Sigelei and more – have put together kit packages that make getting started a breeze. Vape starter kits often come with everything you need to get started, such as a mod, compatible tank and atomizer. DirectVapor is also proud to sell our own bundled kits, including vape pen kits and exclusively selected sub-ohm and temp control options to fit your needs. For stealthy vapers, we also have an ample assortment of vape pod starter kits as well.To get more news about Unix Pod Kit, you can visit univapo official website.

DIRECTVAPOR is home to some of today's hottest vaporizer MODs. We've rounded up these starter kits to give you quick access to all of the latest technology in the vaping sector. With these kits you'll enjoy convenience and top-notch performance at an incredible price. Let's take a look at what we have to offer as you shop:

Types of Starter Kits Available
Starter kits are categorized according to a number of characteristics that help shoppers find the devices best suited to their needs. For instance, in the beginner starter kit category you will find a number of introductory devices that have relatively low power and streamlined functions. Our box mod kits is a huge category that includes just about any device that is not a pen-style vaporizer; these devices offer more range and options.

Sub-ohm starter kits are designed for vapers who enjoy very large, dense clouds of vapor; these devices are typically reserved for advanced users due to their complexity and high power ratings. Temperature control kits are a great step up from pen style vapes before you head into the sub-ohm category; these devices will help you get familiar with navigating menus, tracking your vaping stats and making small adjustments to your vaping style.

Ultra-portable starter kits feature devices that have been scaled down for easier transport; there is a slew of micro and mini vapes available these days. E-cigarette kits are the simplest devices of all, made to look like traditional cigarettes; these generally use pre-filled cartridges and do not have as much range or functionality as a beginner vape pen.

Finally, bundled starter kits come with a selection of premium accessories, e-liquids and other products to get you a great deal.
Starter Kit Manufacturers
Here at DIRECTVAPOR we take brand loyalty and authenticity very seriously. That's why we took our time selecting manufacturers with trusted names who stand behind their products 100 percent, and produce the most powerful and reliable vaporizers in the game. With names like Kanger and SMOK dominating the high end of the spectrum, we also made sure to throw in some solid entry-level names as well. VaporFi, Eleaf and Innokin all made our list.

These brands represent a wide swath of the vaping community and have earned their reputation with years of incredible service. You will find dozens of reviews covering each of these brands if you want to see for yourself how they hold up. Of course, our No Clone Zone promise is always in place to ensure that you are getting real devices and never counterfeits.